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Nyle Naturals Shampoo Long & Bouncy Hair Review

Nyle Naturals Shampoo Long & Bouncy Hair Review
Hello Friends,
Shampooing your hair is very important especially when you live hot and humid weather like me. Nyle has been a favorite brand from my childhood, They have varieties of shampoo to choose according to your hair type or problem. The shampoo here I am going to review is for long and bouncy hair, who don't like bouncy hair? we do like right... Though I have long hair which is not bouncy at all, so by seeing the Amla, Reetha, Lavender and Black Berry ingredients I picked this shampoo immediately. Let us see the review...

About the Product:
Best herbal shampoo online
Nyle Naturals Shampoo Long & Bouncy Hair Review

Nyle Naturals Shampoo Long & Bouncy Hair 
Price 49 Rs for 80 ml
Available easily in all shops online as well as online

The whole package in black colour, I think the brand want to highlight the Balckberry thing 😂, it comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with flip open top which travel and user friendly.

The shampoo looks bit shiny and of course it is in black colour, it smells mild and pleasant. The texture of the shampoo neither thick nor runny.

The shampoo lathers well and it is enough to cleanse the scalp and hair well, after washing it didn't dry out the hair much but I didn't find any traumatic transformation from my hair. I have long straight hair and have dry end, my scalp is oily, so this shampoo thoroughly cleansed my scalp and hair well and no extra dryness found after washing. I really liked the mild and pleasant fragrance. Well there is no bouncy effect of course I didn't expect it I know this before itself. I am happy that it is paraben free but has SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) which didn't help for my dry hair strands. I found it is good for daily use.

What the Brand Claims?
The brand claims
1.Reetha, Amla, Lavender and Blackberry in Nyle Naturals Long and Bouncy Shampoo conditions and nourishes hair leaving it clean, healthy and shiny.
2. The natural ingredients in this shampoo helps maintain a healthy scalp. The Blackberry, rich in Vitamin E enriches your hair making it shiny while Lavender helps in maintaining a healthy and oil free scalp.
3. Amla nourishes your hair from root to tip as it is rich in vitamin C making it healthy.
4. Reetha is a natural conditioner that makes your hair healthy and clean.
Natural goodness that promises bounce and effortlessly making your tresses look long and shiny.

My Observation:
What I observed after using this shampoo....
1. Well all these natural ingredients in this shampoo really makes sense while using it regularly, I have no complaints on it as it leaves the hair as it is and not drying the hair after washing like other shampoos does.
2. My oily scalp really feels fresh and good after using it. 
3. The Amla and Balckberry gives a healthy look and makes a lifeless hair to shiny and soft.
4. I found the Reetha in it really cleanse the hair well and maintain a healthy look.

The Positive Points About the Nyle Naturals Shampoo Long & Bouncy Hair are:
1. It is really affordable.
2. Budget, user and travel friendly.
3. Good Shampoo for daily use.
4. It gives a soft and shiny hair after wash.
5. Gives a clean feel after washing.
6. It is really good for oily scalp.
7. It will suits for all type of hair.
8. It lathers and cleanse the hair well.
9. Goodness of natural ingredients.
10. No harmful chemicals.
11. It is free from paraben.
12. Smells very good.

Overall I really liked the Nyle Naturals Shampoo Long & Bouncy Hair and comparing to the affordable price it is worth to try and very good hair cleanser for regular use. I recommend it to all.

Pictures of Nyle Naturals Shampoo Long & Bouncy Hair for your Reference:

Hope My Review is Helpful
By Rads 


  1. Nyle has been my mom's fav since long. Didn't know it's free from parabens. Will try soon.

  2. I used to use this shampoo but switched to others..soon found that others are too harsh on back to this one now..😊

  3. I'm surely giving this a try.. As you have mentioned about its fragrance

  4. Oldest brand I have ever heard for shampoos is nyle, my mom still believes it's as best brand

    1. Yes it is best one that I am using on and off from my childhood :)

  5. Never used this brand but it sounds really good. Need to check this out.

  6. This reminds me of the sun silk black shampoo I used to apply on my hair when I was a kid. Thanks for the detailed review! :)


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