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Jovees Hair Solution Honey&Apple Conditioning Shampoo Review

Jovees Hair Solution Honey&Apple Conditioning Shampoo Review
Hello Beauties,
So I happen to buy this shampoo when I was looking for my regular Dove Shampoo in a shopping mall (Saravana Stores famous shopping mall in Chennai) and the sales girl who was standing near there started doing her duty of marketing 😜. She said "Mam this shampoo is newly launched from Jovees and it is both added that is Shampoo and Conditioner", I said ok let me try (lazy me to use shampoo and then conditioner 😀) and yeah bought it (she won 😛). Let us see the review in detail...

About the product:
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Jovees Hair Solution Honey&Apple Conditioning Shampoo Review
Jovees Hair Solution Honey&Apple Conditioning Shampoo
Price 125Rs for 125ml (1ml 1 rs😁)
It is available in few beauty shops and shopping malls I bought it from Saravana Stores (for Chennai Readers)
The Review Part:
This shampoo comes in a white sturdy plastic bottle with flip open green colour cap. well it is user and travel friendly.
It looks like a silky cream coloured milk like texture yeah bit runny but nit a problem. It smells mild and pleasant, I liked it.
The shampoo lathered well and I use to mix it with water then lather up on the hair and scalp.

It gives a nice pleasant smell after taking bath and it really felt fresh for me and also it didn't irritate much on my eyes though gave little irritation but not like other shampoos. It leaves the hair soft and smooth, I felt the conditioning effect on my hair from the shampoo. The hair really felt good and no tangles, it flowed straight and silky. There was no hair fall and dryness because of this shampoo, I really felt good. It is good for regular use and the only problem with this shampoo is it will quickly finish off so you have to stock more than you need. It will be suitable for all hair type and you need little extra shampoo for your hair when compared with other shampoo.

What the Brand Claims:
This is a conditioning shampoo which is developed through latest technology and has goodness of apple and honey which deeply cleanse your hair well and keep them soft, silky and shinier.

My Observation:
Yes, what they claimed is true and it is worth to try👍 so you can give a try on this Jovees Hair Solution Honey&Apple Conditioning Shampoo if you really want to save your time by using this 2 in one product.

The Benefits:
  1. It has nice aroma.
  2. It is a nice conditioning shampoo.
  3. It leaves the hair silky and soft and of course a bit shiny too.
  4. It is travel and user friendly package.
  5. It Can be available offline and online, so buying will not be an issue.
  6. It lathers well and cleanse the hair well.
  7. No dryness.
  8. Safe on all hair type.
  9. No need of using Conditioner because the shampoo itself has conditioning effect.
Points I want to Mention:
  1. It finishes off very quick as need extra amount every time, so you may need stock up more.
  2. No full ingredient list.
Pictures for your Reference:

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