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Biotique Bio White Advanced Treatment Cream Review

Biotique Bio White Advanced Treatment Cream Review
Hello Friends,
Hope everybody doing good... Biotique products are always my choice after Himalaya Herbals... I was using the Biotique Bio White Advanced Treatment face wash and liked it very much as it suited to my sensitive oily acne prone skin (funny isn't? πŸ˜„). So I wanted to try this cream as well when I happened to saw this product in shop and it was tempting situation for me and yup done buying it πŸ˜…. so that's all about my buying this product history😜. Let us move on to the review in detail...

About the Product:
Best fairness creams
Price 115 Rs for 50gm
Available easily in all offline and online stores...
Check it out in your nearby shop...

From this Review I am going to skip product description and bla bla part because every product has some description which may be true or may not be... I will mention it in my detailed review part what the product claims and what it did for me... Hope you will find it helpful. Because i don't want to make you read all the way about this product like a story...

The Review Part:

1.Well this cream comes in a sturdy tube with a flip cap which is really helpful during your travel time.
2. This cream is non oily and well suited for combination skin but I don't think this cream will suits for very oily skin people in the summer may be you can try it during winter. I was using it as a day cream and stopped using it because it has no SPF and also I felt too oiliness on my face after some time especially the T Zone. I was not comfortable with this cream.

3. This cream's texture is light weight and easily gets absorbed into the skin fast. It gives you soft and supple skin immediately after applying and keeps your skin hydrated for long time as not like some other fairness creams that dries out soon.

What this Product Claims:
The brand claims about this cream that it is made up of full of fruits benefits thus makes your skin soft and supple also fair and bright by regular use, also it will gives you youthful look.


My Observation:
Well, it didn't gave any miraculous bright or fair complexion after regular use, also I found it as a very ordinary moisturizer or you can call it a basic cream for your makeup routine. It is good for dry and combination skin people but oily skin people need to think twice before you fall for it's false claims. Dusky beauties don't believe such false promise 😜 like me.

The Benefits:
1. It is travel and user friendly.
2. It is good for daily use.
3. I found it does good job at winter for makeup base.
4. Pleasant aroma that won't disturb your nostrils.
5. Small amount of cream is enough to cover up your whole face and neck.
6. Light weight texture and doesn't gives that yeeeeek πŸ˜– greasy feel.
7. Good for combination to dry skin people.
8. It makes skin soft and hydrated.

False Claims:
1. This is not a Fairness Cream.
2. It is not suitable for oily skin.

Pictures For your Kind Reference:πŸ‘‡

Hope My Review is Helpful...
Please do share your thoughts in comment box...
Always your Well Wisher Rads...


  1. Considering it doesn't suit oily skin, I believe it's going to work for me in winters. But definitely not summers. I'll check this out. Thanks for the review, Rads. Happy blogging!

    1. Thanks Lan... yes for winter it worked well as a makeup base for me...

  2. I think it won't suit my acne prone skin. I would love to use it as foot cream as they are very dry.

    1. Same here these kind of creams never suits me... it better to use as foot cream ;)

  3. I am too very fond of this brand after HH as you have written in the very first line of your post... Generally the products turn out to be amazing but it didn't work for me as well... I too had tried this one..

    1. Hahaha yeah in a hurry to finish the post ;) edited now...thanks for letting me know dear... yes this serum thing is total flop here

  4. I like biotique products. They have always worked for me...would like to try this face wash too ...though I m not looking for the fairness part. I would consider it as they claim it's a refreshing fruit face wash

    1. Yes,apart from fairness it is a good cream for dry to combination skin people...

  5. Awesome I love biotique products always their unique fragrance is too good

    1. Yes,I have used so many of their products and few of them impressed me too...


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