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Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub Review (reduces fine lines & brightens the skin)

Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub Review
Hello Beauties,
Scrubs taking important part in our regular skin care routine, as a beauty blogger and have a peculiar skin type I need scrub always as my oily skin always gives me blackheads and whiteheads liberally 😜I need to remove them out of my facial skin importantly 😇, otherwise they will turn into misery of my life😢. I saw this scrub in health n glow shop while I was in search for my favorite aroma magic face wash and decided to buy this scrub because it was winter and I wanted something to mean for dry to combination skin, so picked it without any second thought...ok, let's see about this scrub in detail...

About The Product:
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Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub
Price 160 Rs for 100 ml
You can get it from any beauty shops offline and as well online

The Review:
This scrub comes in a travel friendly package and have a screw open type lid also the scrub is thick creamy like in texture so when you take out it comes out like a toothpaste 😜, it has obvious scrub particles and easily spreads on the skin and yeah it has awesome smell too.

I can say this scrub is very well suited for those who suffers a lot by dry and dead skin cells, yes it helps to remove the all black and white heads and other debris from your skin well with a soothing and nourishing effect. After washing the face you can see the immediate glow and a clean skin too. It never ever left my skin dry and the scrub particles are bit big but because of the creamy texture I managed it without any major complication on my skin.

I didn't have any breakouts and allergy after using this scrub. This scrub is made by essential minerals that imports glow on your skin by regular use, I didn't mean daily but twice to thrice a week according to your skin type, rest the scrub will take care. you will never get disappointed if you have dry to combination skin, especially during winter this scrub can help you a lot to bring the life back to your skin. If you are still staying with your oily skin even in the winter then please stay away from this scrub...

What Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub Claims?

So it claims have almonds has been crushed as scrub particles and also it has rice bran oil, beeswax and glycerin which hydrates and nourishes skin well while it removes dead skin cells effectively. It is especially claims to reduce fine lines and brightens the skin.

Yes it brightens the skin and gives a healthy glow to the skin where your fine lines get to look minimized at some extent. The claim by the brand is somewhat true but not exactly. Overall it is a very good scrub for regular use especially for dry to combination beauties.

The Benefits:
1. Best suitable for dry to combination girls (I think men can also use😂)
2. It is travel and user friendly package.
3. It has all herbal and natural benefits through it's ingredients.
4. It is suitable for sensitive skin.
5. No harm to the skin, I mean it is safe for your skin.
6. A pleasant smell.
7. Best price for the quality and quantity.
8. It does hydrate your skin well and leaves smooth and soft.
9. It gives a good glow to your skin.
10. It removes basic debris from your skin.

Pictures for your reference👇:

I loved it really while using...
I hope you also if you try it...
By Rads...


  1. Do you have any video of that? I'd want to find out more

  2. This has been my favorite scrub since so many years. It instantly brightens up the skin.


  3. Aroma Magic products have always worked for me. This scrub sounds great for tan removal. I want to try this

    1. Yes for me too works fine...this scrub is awesome one...

  4. These brand is new to me but your detailed review made me try and will let u know after use

    1. Ya sure do try, they have amazing skin care collection

  5. This brand looks amazing. Thanks to ur detailed review.. m so tempted to try this..

  6. It will be a great addition in my collection as i have dry skin during summers..

  7. This looks like a really good soon gonna try it out to check out the results personally..


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