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Doy Care Honey & Glycerin Nourishing Face Wash Review

Doy Care Honey & Glycerin Nourishing Face Wash Review
Hello Girls,
This is one of my favorite face wash which behaved well with my weird skin and I was thoroughly enjoy using this product. I bought this face wash from Amazon when it is sold in combo offer (deal lover ๐Ÿ˜‚). I was skeptical to use it like OMG 2 same face wash when will I finish it? But to my surprise it was a good experience with these products. Let us move on to the review...

About the Product:
Best face washes India
Doy Care Honey & Glycerin Nourishing Face Wash Review
Doy Care Honey & Glycerin Nourishing Face Wash
Price 100 Rs for 100 ml
Shelf life 2 years
Available at online like Amazon, Flipkart websites....

Product Description:
Doy Care Honey & Glycerin Nourishing Face Wash which is 100% soap free formulation with the goodness of Honey and Glycerin. Honey is to known as have protein, amino acids and rice in vitamins and also can lock skin's moisture and help to nourish it.


My Experience with Doy Care Honey & Glycerin Nourishing Face Wash:
Packaging It comes in a honey colour face wash tube which is travel and user friendly. It has flip top open which is easy to handle.
The Colour of the product is same as Honey...
The Texture of the product is gel like liquid...
The Smell of the product is very mild and pleasant...

My Take:
This face wash is like gel cleanser but lathers well when mixed with water to create soapy lather. It is mild on skin and also doesn't dry out the skin. It cleanse the skin well and leaves the skin super soft and bright also. It is to my surprise that this face wash can brighten up the skin too, I think it is because of the honey and glycerin combo.

It didn't break out my skin so far I used the whole full 2 face wash tubes and my skin felt too good with this face wash. The brand claims it is 100% soap free, so far it didn't create any dryness issue with my sensitive skin and this face wash will be suitable for all skin type for sure. It imports subtle glow on your skin too by regular use. Over all it is a good face wash.

My Likes with Doy Care Honey & Glycerin Nourishing Face Wash:
๐Ÿ‘It is so affordable and pocket friendly
๐Ÿ‘It can be used by all skin type people
๐Ÿ‘It has mild and pleasant smell
๐Ÿ‘It gives clear and bright skin after washing.
๐Ÿ‘It doesn't dry out skin
๐Ÿ‘Soap free formula
๐Ÿ‘Goodness of Glycerin and Honey
๐Ÿ‘It didn't give any allergy or irritation to the skin
๐Ÿ‘It is travel and user friendly
๐Ÿ‘It is best face wash for regular use

I don't have any Dislikes ๐Ÿ˜

Hope my Review Helped you...
By Radha

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