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White Tone Face Powder Review

White Tone Face Powder Review
Hello Friends,
This is Deepa IBZ guest writer... I have normal skin which is tend to dry up easily and also acne prone at times which I hate the most. I am not much into the makeup things actually but when we are going for family function or party we do need to do it right... so I got to try this White Tone Face Powder when I went to a family function. Is this powder whiten up my face? let us see it in the review...

About the Product:
Face powders
White Tone Face Powder Review

White Tone Face Powder
Price 55 Rs for 30 gm
Shelf life 2 years
Available easily at offline shops and online as well...
Product Description:
There is no such description int the package.


My Experience:
It comes in a cute pink package which is liked by every girl, it is travel and user friendly.

The Texture, Colour and Smell:
The texture of the powder is very fine and soft, the colour is pure white like an usual talcum powder which can be suitable for any skin tone. It has pleasant flowery smell and mild not overpowering your nose.

My Take:
I have used it only a few times, I have applied this powder after my foundation and also applied with a regular moisturizer in another day. In both days it made my face bright and fresh which I was happy with that, but the sad part is it sucks out all my moisture from skin and after few hours it looked very cranky on my face. It made my face very dry and it caused allergic zits all over my face because of dryness. Then I stopped using this powder totally.
It makes the face bright and at the same time makes the skin too dry, so if you are a normal or combination type skin person please avoid using it, for dry skin people don't even imagine about this product, for oily skin people it will help the most to keep your skin fresh for long time, but I am not sure about it really how far it will be effective. Over all it is a dud product, I think the brand need to change its formulation for its better formation, seems it have too much chemical in its ingredient that's why it is drying out the skin soon.

My Likes:
👍It is affordable and easily available.
👍Suitable for all skin tone.
👍Makes face bright and fresh immediately.
👍Good and mild fragrance.
👍Travel and user friendly packaging.

My Dislikes:
👎It makes face dry after sometime.
👎It causes allergy because it dries out skin too much.
👎Too much chemical.
👎I think it will not suitable for any skin type.
👎Dry skin people don't even turn your face to this product.
👎It is nothing an ordinary talcum powder

Hope My Review helped you...
By Deepa

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