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VLCC Ayurveda Natural Fairness Double Action Chandan&Kesar Face Wash Review

VLCC Ayurveda Natural Fairness Double Action Chandan&Kesar Face Wash Review
Hello Girls,
VLCC has launched some skin care products which is natural and ayurveda and I bought this face wash when visited a shopping mall, I was just viewing things in search for a de tan product. The sales girl over there did her duty well and sold it to me 😜, well I bought it only after so many questions and checked the ingredients front and back. I had a good experience with VLCC cleansing milk product so preferred the brand this time. Let us see the review...

About the Product:
Best fairness face wash
VLCC Ayurveda Natural Fairness Double Action Chandan&Kesar Face Wash Review
VLCC Ayurveda Natural Fairness Double Action Chandan&Kesar Face Wash
Price 99 Rs for 100 ml
Shelf life 3 years
Available easily at all offline shops as well in online...
Product Description:
Our skin goes through lots of turmoil in everyday lives losing its natural glow, leading to uneven skin tone, blemishes and skin darkening. Get back the fairness and even skin tone of your skin with VLCC Ayurveda Natural Fairness Double Action Chandan&Kesar Face Wash. a unique formula endowed with richness of ayurvedic formula of Chandan&Kesar. Kesar reduce to help the blemishes and lightens the skin, Chandan helps to restore the natural health of the skin and locks its natural moisture giving your skin more naturally fair and radiant look.


My Experience:
The Packaging:
The face wash comes in a warm yellow tube with a white flip open cap which is travel and user friendly.
The Colour, Texture and Smell:
It is in light yellow colour and the texture is partially runny so you have to be careful while taking out from the tube. It has mild chandan smell which is not overpowering your nose and instead of it gives a pleasant feel.

My Take:
Tanning is not a new thing for me, whenever I go to a shop the sales girl immediately introduce me some fairness and de tan products (good marketing tricks huh). So everyone knew I am tanned. So, I use to choose de tan face washes of course the fairness tag in the product meant it the same so, also the ayurveda label seems to be is an additional benefit for me.
This face wash has runny texture as I mentioned here so I need to take it with extra carefulness otherwise I would end up with wasting little extra face wash more than I needed. It lathers well but not so frothy it is good enough to wash my oily skin well. I can sense the less chemical thing from this face wash as I don't feel any dryness or redness or allergy after washing my face. It leaves skin clean and skin feels fresh. It helped me to come over from my recent tan I got after using it for 2 weeks I felt it really.
It cleanse the face well so if you use it regularly you can easily avoid the blackhead thing with a scrub once a week which I am doing currently. This doesn't control oiliness for long time and of course no face wash did it till now for me. This face wash did what it claims and yeah it gives glow too but sadly I can't recognize it because of my extra oily skin. Over all it is a good face wash to use regularly, to my experience it will suits for all skin types.

My Likes:
πŸ‘It is very much affordable.
πŸ‘It is easily available.
πŸ‘It is travel friendly.
πŸ‘It makes face fresh and clean.
πŸ‘It lathers well.
πŸ‘It suits for all skin type.
πŸ‘It doesn't cause any allergy or pimples or dryness.
πŸ‘It is safe on skin as less chemical
πŸ‘It has mild chandan fragrance which feels pleasant.

My Dislike:
πŸ‘ŽThe runny texture.

Hope My Review Helped you...
By Radha...

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