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Kama Ayurveda Skin Brightening Treatment Nalpamaradi Thailam Review

Kama Ayurveda Skin Brightening Treatment Nalpamaradi Thailam Review
Hello Girls,
I am an Ayurveda skin care addict, there is a reason behind it because I have sensitive skin and will react each every chemical ingredient from the products I use. I found Ayurveda products has less side effects and no harm for my skin mostly, that's why I am obsessed with these kind of products very much. The only turn off for me is they are pretty costly to invest. During summer I use to get hell a lot of skin problems so I preferred this oil to treat my skin in a calm way. I bought this one from online as it is available in sample size to try, let us see the review in detail...

About the Product:
Best skin brightening products
Kama Ayurveda Skin Brightening Treatment Nalpamaradi Thailam Review
Kama Ayurveda Skin Brightening Treatment Nalpamaradi Thailam
Price 750 Rs for 100 ml
Shelf life 1 year
Available in their exclusive outlets and other beauty shops, also you can buy from online shops...
Product Description:
Nalpamaradi thailam is one of the best oil for de tanning and lightening the dull and tanned skin effectively. It bring back the natural glow of your skin and brightens the skin by regular use. The Ayurveda formula for skin beauty treatment. The turmeric treats the pigmentation, the sesame oil base moisturize skin, the vetiver repairs the skin, Indian Gooseberry treats the damaged skin.

Vetiver, Turmeric, Indian gooseberry and Sesame oil

My Experience:
It comes in a glass bottle package which is see through one it has tightly pressed lid with a screw open cap. For me it is travel friendly and user friendly only, I didn't find any difficult with the packaging.

The Colour, Texture and Smell:
The oil is in bright yellow coloured and it is because of the turmeric ingredient in it I think. The texture is light weight and non greasy. The smell is awful yes it is the big turn off in this product.

My Take:
The sample pack which I bought came for more than 20 days I think. It is tiny bottle and finished of so quick. I have used it in the night time before bed after cleansing my face well. So, the yellow tint was not a big problem for me also I didn't applied it liberally since it smelt like cow urine, yes the smell is something unpleasant. But I have somewhat adjusted with it, but my son and hubby couldn't tolerate it😜they were begging me please don't use it 😆.
Well I start to see the results with a week after using it. My black marks on my nose was getting lightened. those black marks are always annoying in my selfies especially. I couldn't figure out whether it helped on my skin lightning may be I need to use it more than a month to see such results. My zits on my forehead got reduced well. I saw some improvement in my skin tone. Other than the smell this oil is excellent and good for skin treatment.

My Likes:
👍It has natural and Ayurveda ingredients
👍It delivers good results
👍It is worth trying
👍It gives soft and glowing skin
👍It makes skin tone even
👍It reduces pimples
👍It reduces black spots and marks
👍It has non greasy texture which is easily absorbed
👍There is no side effects
👍It doesn't clog pores
👍Travel friendly packaging
👍Best for all skin type and can be used as over night treatmnetnt

My Dislikes:
👎The Smell surely a big turn off
👎It has only natural ingredients then why this product this much costly🤔🤔as the ingredients all not much costly in the market...
👎You need to wait for at least 10 days before seeing the results which may turn off some impatient people, but waiting will worth.

Hope My Review Helped
By Radha


  1. I have used other products of Kama and they have given good results. Will try this out

    1. This is good one but you need patience to see results...

  2. I know how these ayurvedic products smell horrible... But the good part is they are naturally made

  3. Ohh so bad that the smell is not good but if it works good, we can ignore this con.

    1. Yes dear though the smell is a negative point it is effective by regular use...


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