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Prem Dulhan 100 % Natural Mehandi Powder Review

Prem Dulhan 100 % Natural Mehandi Powder Review
Salut Girls,
This is Divya from Chennai. I am currently working in a MNC company. Our admin Radha was kind enough to send me this awesome Mehandi powder to try and Review it on IBZ blog. I love Mehandi and we South Indians use to apply Mehandi during festivals and for Marriage occasions. In North India People do a separate celebration during their Marriage for applying Mehandi. So, Mehandi has took an important part in our rituals. It is important to use a natural Mehandi powder to avoid side effects and allergy things. Prem Dulhan 100 % Natural Mehandi Powder is pure and natural. So, let’s see how this impressed me...
About this Product:
Prem Dulhan 100 % Natural Mehandi Powder Review

Prem Dulhan mehandi powder is 100% Natural product.It is prepared from premium quality katagi mehandi leaves from the field of sojat,Rajasthan by cleaning, grinding and filtering.

Direction to use:
Mix Prem Dulhan 100 % Natural mehandi powder with water in non-metallic pot to form a paste and keep at least for 1 hour . Apply by drawing designs on your hands and feet. For deeper shade keep this mixture applied for 2-3 hours . Wash with water after drying.
Net weight – 80 gm
Price – 15.00 INR
Availability – Prem Dulhan 100 % Natural Mehandi Powder available at online shops like Flipkart, Amazon etc.
My Experience with Prem Dulhan 100 % Natural Mehandi Powder:

Prem Dulhan mehandi powder comes in green coloured carton. You can cut the pocket and store the powder in an air tight container.
The Colour, Texture and Smell:

The henna powder is bright green color . The powder is finally milled. The powder smells like natural Mehandi leaves.
My Take:
I took a steel bowl to mix the henna powder into paste. I added some water and eucalyptus oil to the powder and made it into a fine paste.I use to add eucalyptus oil for extra aroma ( smell ). I kept the bowl for four hours with a closed lid. After I had my lunch, my mom kept mehandi in my hands. (south Indian style ) . I kept it on for Four more hours and slept. I washed my hands in ordinary water and applied little coconut oil for that extra shine. Alas! It was so dark. I loved it. As it is natural , applied the henna paste for my hair (This time didn’t add eucalyptus oil, since its for hair I was little skeptical) . I applied in my hair and kept for half an hour. Since my hair is really dark black, the brown color wasn’t visible in ordinary light. It was visible in sunlight. It made the hair little frizzy, though it happens with every henna powder.

So , if you are looking for a natural henna power for hands or hair, go for it. You will surely like it.
My Likes with Prem Dulhan 100 % Natural Mehandi Powder:
  1. It is 100 % natural
  2. It gives intense dark color in hands.
  3. Powder is finally milled.
  4. It is cheap.
The Dislike:
  1. It makes the hair frizzy but it happens with all the henna powder.
  2. Availability might be con for some.
Final Thoughts:
Prem Dulhan 100 % Natural Mehandi Powder is a good option for those who are looking for a natural ready made Mehandi powder to use instantly. It is free from chemicals and natural, so do try it girls.
Hope My Review is Helpful...
By Divya
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*Product sent for consideration. Though my opinion was honest .

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