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Moha Nail Care Cream Review

Moha Nail Care Cream Review
Hello Girls,
Nail care is also an important thing in beauty care regime... Nail care gives you a shiny and healthy nails that will glitter without a glittering nail paint 😉. So there are so many ways to take care of your cuticles and nails and creams and oils also available in the market for your nails. I prefer natural and herbal products mostly and for nails it should be chemical less or free product as nails or end point of our skin and nerves. Let us see about Moha Nail Care Cream...

About the Product:
Nail care creams
Moha Nail Care Cream Review

Moha Nail Care Cream
Price 150 Rs for 100gms
Shelf life 2 yeras
Available in online shops like flipkart, Nykaa & Amazon... 

Product Description:
Moha Nail Care Cream is made up of good natural oils and chemical free cream that nourishes your damaged nails and cleanse your cuticles, thus makes them brighter and shiny like a mirror.

Oil of linum usitatissimum
Oil of Hedychium spicatum
Oil of prunus amygdalus
cream base

My Experience:
It comes in a beige colour packaging with a flip open cap which is travel and user friendly.
The Colour, Texture and Smell:
The nail cream in beige colour and the smell is mild and pleasant. The texture is creamy and easily absorbed into the nails.
My Take:
I really loved this Moha Nail Care Cream because it is easy to use, just one simple massage on your nails makes it brighter and shiny. Our nails usually tends to become dull because of water and chemical exposure day by day and this nail cream helps a lot to bring back the bright and shiny nails that are ready to polish at any time.

It gets easily absorbed into the nails so in no time you will finish applying this cream. It is better to use it at your night skin care regime, so that it gets undisturbed for long time and will work well on your nails and in the morning voila all your beautiful nails will say good morning to you. It cures nail damages too by regular use. It is a good product to my experience.

My Likes:
→It is travel and user friendly.
→It is easy to use.
→It gives bright and shiny nails
→Best for night nail care regime
→Dull nails will become smooth and polished
→Cures nail damages by regular use
→less chemicals and made up of natural oils.
→Safe on nails
→Easily gets absorbed

Hope My Review Helped
By Radha

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