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Speaking Tree RoseMary Essential Oil Review

Speaking Tree RoseMary Essential Oil Review
Hello Beauties,
Essential Oils does wonder to us for keeping the skin, hair, mind and health in a better way. They benefit us in a great way when they used properly. I do use essential oils in many ways. Rosemary oil is very good especially for hair related problems. You can find Rosemary essential oil as an main ingredient in many Hair Fall Control shampoos, because they are good in controlling hair fall and keep the hair problem free if used regularly, in addition it is used to treat dry skin as well. It is important to buy original and quality Essential oils to get the benefits fully...
About the Product:
essential oils
Speaking Tree RoseMary Essential Oil Review

Speaking Tree RoseMary Essential Oil
Price 320 Rs for 15 ml
Shelf life 24 months
Available at Amazon

Product Description:
Mother nature, by inherence has showered the mankind with eternal bliss and love. Speaking Tree is a small effort put forward to bring the right choice of ingredient with true potency to ensure the smooth flow of bliss continues...
100% pure Rose Mary Oil
My Experience:
The Essential oil comes in a glass bottle with an white screw open lid, it is easy to take out the oil as drops. The oil smells strong and it is pure and colourless liquid. It is non greasy.
RoseMary Essential Oil Uses:
For Dry Skin:
Apply Rosemary essential oil with a carrier oil to treat your dry skin to get soft and supple skin. You can even mix it your regular creams and skin care products, it is excellent in treating your dry skin well. You can even mix it with your makeup base to get an smooth and even makeup look with glow. Using it regularly will help you to get rid of your dry skin.
For Dry Scalp:
Apply Rosemary essential oil on your dry scalp to treat dandruff problem. Dry scalp is the main root cause for dandruff all the time, so by treating it well you can reduce and even avoid dandruff problem.
For Hair Fall Problem:
Mix rosemary essential oil with your regular shampoo and hair oil to control your hair fall. Rosemary oil helps to stop hair fall when using it regularly. Also it makes our hair soft and shiny. Mix Rosemary essential oil with pure coconut oil for using as your hair oil or for massaging your hair before head bath.
I use it for my skin and hair regularly. I had light hair fall which is now stopped after started using this Rosemary oil regularly My hair becomes more soft and shiny. I use to mix this oil with my regular shampoo and in my hair oil, it gives good results. Now it is winter and my skin is sensitive so it is tend to become dry easily, so I use this oil with my regular kin care products and awesome it is!!! it keeps my skin soft and supple. It works wonderful and since it is a genuine product and pure so it results good always.

  1. Use it to treat dry skin.
  2. Use it to treat dry scalp.
  3. Use it to calm your itchy sun burned skin.
  4. Use it get a relaxed mood in your bathing water.
  5. Use it in your diffuser to treat your restless mood.
  6. It acts a s a pain reliever too.
  7. It is used to treat hair fall.
  8. Use it to relax your tighten muscles.
  9. It is used to treat dandruff problem.
  10. It is best to treat all kind of hair problems.
Hope My Post is Useful...
By Radha

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