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Banjara's Papaya Face Wash Review

Banjara's Papaya Face Wash Review
Hello Girls,
Believe it or not... I am a face wash hoarder (still searching a good face wash and thus keeping me in blogging always). I am changing my face wash after every first use and still indecisive in choosing one permanently (no I am not indecisive blame on the various brands in the market). So, I have shared so many face wash reviews already and I will be continue to share more. Today it is a herbal brand called Banjara's papaya face wash which I picked from a local grocery shop. Who doesn't want flawless young skin... let us see how much fared this face wash...
About the Product:
Papaya skin care
Banjara's Papaya Face Wash Review

Banjara's Papaya Face Wash
Price 55 rs for 50 ml (actually I go it for 30)
Shelf life 2 years
Available easily at offline shops as well as online shops...

Product Description:
Banjara's Papaya Face Wash is an uniquely formulated gel to give you the flawless beautiful skin you always aspired for. The gel formula gently cleanses the skin, eliminates impurities from clogged pores. Papaya softens the skin, protects the skin cells from free radical damage caused by harmful UV rays, thereby delaying the formulation of wrinkles. This soap free face wash enriched with natural moisturizer, improves the tone and texture leading to a flawless young skin.
Ingredients: Not mentioned
My Experience with Banjara's Papaya Face Wash:

The face wash comes in a transparent tube with an orange colour flip open cap. It is handy to carry with you anywhere.
The Texture, Colour and Smell:

The smell of the face wash is related to papaya and the texture is more on the gel side, it is an orange colour gel like face wash which lathers decently.
My Take:
Well I have used the whole one tube of face wash and it came less than a month only, because the gel like face wash lathers less and it is not enough for an oily skin person like me. so I need to take little extra every time, so it is more likely to get finished this face wash soon. But it gives a clean and soft skin after every wash. It didn't feel like oily or slippery after washing. It didn't dry out my sensitive skin and I should say it is very mild on my skin and gave soft skin with a subtle glow.

It didn't break out my skin, but not much controlling oiliness on my skin which I am in need very much with every face wash I am using. So, there is no solid reason for me to continue this face wash further. But it is a damn cheap face wash and good one too which is suitable for every skin type, so those who have normal skin with less expectations can try this face wash.
My Likes with Banjara's Papaya Face Wash:
  1. It is so cheap and easily available.
  2. It is soap free face wash.
  3. Goodness of Papaya.
  4. Gives clean, soft and glowy skin.
  5. Doesn't feel slippery or oily.
  6. Nice and mild fragrance.
  7. Doesn't breakout sensitive skin.
My Dislikes:
  1. Not suitable for oily skin.
  2. Gets finished soon.
Final Thoughts:
Banjara's Papaya Face Wash is an affordable face wash which is suitable for all skin types. You can do give a try once if you like herbal papaya face wash.
Hope My Review is Helpful
By Radha

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