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Bajaj NoMarks Cream for Dry Skin Review

Bajaj NoMarks Cream for Dry Skin Review
Hello Girls,
This is Bhavani, I am going to review Bajaj NoMarks Cream for Dry Skin. I have dry skin and medium skin tone. I got a chance to try this cream. I love to take care of my skin naturally and I like herbal products mostly. My skin is dry and sometimes I do have skin peels on my cheeks which is really annoying. I use to choose skin creams specially made for dry skin. Let us see how this Bajaj NoMarks Cream for Dry Skin helped me...
About the Product:
Dry skin creams
Bajaj NoMarks Cream for Dry Skin Review
Bajaj NoMarks Cream for Dry Skin
Price 120 Rs for 25 g
Shelf life 3 years
Available easily in offline stores as well as you can buy online

Product Description:
With age skin tends to become dry due to the loss of natural hydration, dry skin is more prone to blemishes and wrinkles. New Bajaj NoMarks Cream for Dry Skin and blemish free glowing fairness is enriched with Anti bacterial and herbal micro nutrients. Anti oxidants and organic actives enriched with Natural Vitamin E. The organic active enriched ingredients penetrates into deep layers of your skin to prevent blemishes while natural vitamin E nourishes and keeps your skin hydrated.

My Experience with Bajaj NoMarks Cream for Dry Skin:

It comes in a sleek tube which is comfortable for me to carry it in my handbag while I am travelling. It is also easy to use.
The Texture, Colour and Smell:

It has very creamy texture, the colour of the cream is muddy white and it smells something like herbal but not much on chemical side which I liked it.
My Take:
I am using this almost for a month, initially I felt bit oilier after applying this cream. Later I started to apply very little amount of cream and it looks fine. After 10 days of usage I started seeing little brightness in my face. It gives subtle glow throughout the day. It hydrates my dry skin very well and yes gives shiny look too. So, I guess it won't suit for even combination skin.

I don't have any allergy issues so far with this cream. This cream doesn't break out my skin. It gives soft and glowing skin which I really love from this cream. It heeled my patchy skin on my cheeks and gave a life to my dull skin. It gives some brightness to the skin which is natural and not like other artificial creams. I feel my skin got some nourishment and life through this skin.
My Likes:
  1. It is easily available.
  2. One tube comes for really more than a month.
  3. It gives glowing skin.
  4. It hydrates skin well.
  5. It is travel friendly.
  6. Best cream for dry skin.
  7. Herbal brand, safe on skin.
I am in totally love with this cream...

My Final Thoughts:
Bajaj NoMarks Cream for Dry Skin is completely safe and good for those with extremely dry skin. It helps nourish your skin with proper hydration. It gives glowing skin and brightness to your skin.
Hope My review is Helpful...
By Bhavani

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