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ST D'vence Moisturiser Ultra Enriching Body Lotion Review

ST D'vence Moisturiser Ultra Enriching Body Lotion Review
Hello Girls,
Moisturizer is an important skin care product for all the time, when it comes to the winter season it becomes mandatory need for all of us... One need to choose a good moisturizer according to their skin needs, some may have very dry skin those who needs 24/7 moisture protection and they tend to reapply the moisturizer often, so these kind of people should buy a extra duty heavy moisturizers or body butters to fulfill their needs. Some people will have dry skin during winters only, they might need just an ordinary moisturizer. In the name of moisturizing we should not load chemicals on our skin, so one need to choose best and safe moisturizer to protect their skin. Recently I came across  ST D'vence Moisturiser Ultra Enriching Body Lotion which is carefully designed to nourish our skin. Let us see about it in detail...
About the Product:
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ST D'vence Moisturiser Ultra Enriching Body Lotion Review

ST D'vence Moisturiser Ultra Enriching Body Lotion
Price 275 Rs for 100 ml you can get it on discounted rate at Amazon
Shelf life 36 months
Availability: I am not sure about offline availability of this product, but you can buy it from Amazon easily as online shopping has become easy now a days...

Product Description:
ST D'vence Moisturiser Ultra Enriching Body Lotion is an unique autumn edition breakthrough blend of ten premium ingredients that royally hydrates the driest of skin, Argan oil - miracle liquid gold, is used to intensely hydrate, soften and bring natural glow to the skin, Avocado - butter fruit native to South America is packed up with twenty five vital nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C, E & K, proteins, fibers and minerals. This moisturizer is so good and we are sure you will fall for it.

My Experience:
This Body Lotion comes in a cute little transparent plastic bottle with a black flip open cap, so it is travel and user friendly packaging. The colour of the lotion is white and little thick and creamy. The smell is very pleasant and awesome, I love it.
The body lotion really moisturizes the skin well, I use to take very little and apply and it goes well with long time. I have very skin during winter season, so this lotion helping me a lot to get relieved from this problem easily. Everyday morning and night I use to apply this lotion on my hands and legs especially which are usually exposed to the dry wind and to the Sun. I love the smell of this lotion very much, it is so pleasant and mild, also lingers around for long time. It is really a good body lotion that is made up of natural ingredients which are good to the skin. This lotion got absorbed so quick into the skin and doesn't leave any extra oiliness on the skin. It gives a good glow but no greasiness to the skin. I am really happy with this body lotion.

My Likes:
  1. It is affordable as compared to it's effectiveness.
  2. It works like a body butter.
  3. It is available at Amazon.
  4. Packaging is good.
  5. Wonderful fragrance.
  6. It hydrates the skin well and for long time.
  7. It is easily absorbed to the skin.
  8. It gives glow.
  9. It doesn't give greasiness on the skin.
  10. It completely moisturizes the dry skin well.
My Suggestion to the Brand:
Though I told the packaging is good, they can make the plastic little thinner than this one, because the cream is thick and makes little hard to take out the lotion. Either they can make the lotion little runny or the package.
Hope My Review is helpful...
By Radha

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