Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Loving the Festive Season

Loving the Festive Season
Hello Friends,
My favourite time of the year is here- the festive season. I love the celebrations, the sweets and of course, the shopping. Every year, I use this time to give my wardrobe a little spruce up and introduce some fun new festive colours.
Here are some of my top picks for the festive season:
Vibrant Kurtas:

The brands I look for are Biba, Rangriti, Melange and Aurelia. There are lot of choices and designs available through online shopping and I just love the colours and the styles. Check out some of the purchases I made this season-I like to keep a blend of festive and daily wear, that way, I can dress up akurta with the right accessories for an occasion or pair it with simple gold earrings for daily use.

Beautiful Me:

The next part of a festive look is the right makeup. You need to ensure that your makeup works seamlessly with your skincare products in order to get that festive glow. I love it when a new makeup option arrives and as you know, I love to play with my look. Go for subtle, clean lines during the day and then at night, ramp up your look with bold lipstick colours or a strong eye shadow.

Toys and Games Shopping:
I have bought a lot of toys and games for my kid through online shopping. The prices are actually very reasonable and the products never failed to make our needs. There are lot of choices available where you can filter by your kid's age and toys.
Fun and Gifts:

I remember loving Diwali as a child because I would get great gifts. Now, kids have a whole awesome range available to them and each Diwali I get a couple for my son to appreciate his good behaviour. I also love surprising my husband with a gifts. He loves to be comfortable I have just picked up a sweatshirt for our trip in December, you should check out this great range of sweatshirts for men. There are so many options for guys to choose from – they could get comfy ones to loll about the house or more sporty style focused ones for a casual dinner or meeting friends. I often prefer the styles offered by Puma, they have great colours and I love the way they incorporate the logo as a style statement. So that’s my shopping list, tell me about what is on yours!
Thank you
By Radha

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