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Oriflame Love Nature Clay Mask Neem Review

Oriflame Love Nature Clay Mask Neem Review
Hello Beauties,
Oriflame has come up with it's Love Nature range long time back... This range has all skin care products, I got a chance to try this Neem clay mask which is meant to clear acne prone skin. Well I have oily sensitive acne prone skin which is very peculiar skin type, I am suffering with this skin from my teen age, now I am 30+ and still having the same stupid skin not leaving me freely :(, well I think it has decided to stay with me permanently. Ok, let us see the review in detail...
About the Product:
oily skin care
Oriflame Love Nature Clay Mask Neem Review

Oriflame Love Nature Clay Mask Neem
Price 279 Rs for 50g
Shelf life 3 years
Available in online and you can also get it from Oriflame sellers... 

Product Description:
Oriflame Love Nature Clay Mask Neem is designed for acne prone oily skin and combination skin to clear clogged pores, washout impurities and gives a bright and soft, clear skin.

My Experience:
The colour of the product is pale green, The Smell of the product is bit unpleasant but it is ok, The texture of the product is like a paste and creamy too. It comes in a tube packaging with scroll open lid and it is travel and user friendly.
My Take:
I have used it weekly thrice to treat my tiny pimples overall my face. It is easy to apply and it gets dried easily on my oily skin. It doesn't dry out the skin after washing and there is no itching or tingling sensation after applying it on face. I don't find any redness on my sensitive skin. It gives soft skin after washing. But regarding pimple reduction I don't see any immediate results and yes they got reduced but didn't completely gone. I don't know which one to blame whether my stubborn pimples or this face pack?
Still I am ok with this face mask and it does decent work on skin and I hope it will be very useful for oily to combination skin people. During washing it creates bit mess and feels slippery, it is better to wipe it off by a cotton cloth and then wash it. It clears clogged pores by regular use. To maintain the skin clearly one can use this face mask regularly and it will be effective.
It is natural and has neem's goodness. The one tube comes for long time.

My Likes:
  1. It has goodness of neem.
  2. It is travel friendly.
  3. It doesn't dry out skin.
  4. It hydrates skin.
  5. It is very helpful for oily to combination skin.
  6. It controls pimples.
  7. It gives soft skin after washing.
  8. It feels fresh after washing.
  9. Neem acts as antiseptic ingredient for skin.
My Dislikes:
  1. The smell.
  2. Bit pricey.
  3. Not so effective.
My Final Thoughts:
Oriflame Love Nature Clay Mask Neem is a decent face mask for oily to combination skin to clear clogged pores and keep the skin clear on a regular basis.
Hope my Review is helpful...
by Radha


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