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Nature's Essence Papaya Pack Review

Nature's Essence Papaya Pack for Blemishes and Pigmentation Review
Hello Girls,
Pigmentation is a painful skin problem that 70% of the women facing it after their delivery. I too got slight pigmentation after delivery, which is not completely recovered even after 6 years. I guess the hormones and the weight gain are the main reason for getting pigmentation after delivery. It was initially disturbing me very much but later I am use to have this complexion but whenever I happen to see my old pictures I really wanted to have that old complexion now. Ok, now come to the review I have used lot of anti- pigmentation and tan removal creams on my skin, of course they are herbal products which has less side effects. In the way I wanted to try this Nature's Essence Papaya Pack for Blemishes and Pigmentation and bought it, let us see the review...
About the Product:
Anti blemish face packs
Nature's Essence Papaya Pack Review

Nature's Essence Papaya Pack for Blemishes and Pigmentation
Price 125 Rs for 60 gm
Shelf life 3 years
Available at selected stores, in Chennai you can get Nature Essence products at Saravana Stores T.Nagar, I bought it from online...

Product Description:
Papaya extract and enzyme based pack is suitable for dark, patchy and pigmented skin. It has the natural properties to improve the complexion of the skin and also remove the dead epithelial cells. It is ideal to be used on pigmented and blemished skin as it restores the freshness and glow of the dull skin.
Key Ingredients:
Fuller's earth 9.80%, Carica Papaya 5.25%, Azadirachata indica 4.50%, Mentha sativa 3.00%, Acacia arabia 7.50%, Bisulphate of zinc 4,50%, Curcuma longa 3.25%, Ricinus communis 9.70%, Honey wax 4.55%, Purified water q.s.
My Experience with Nature's Essence Papaya Pack:

It comes in an attractive orange tub with a screw open lid and inside a white lid placed between the screw open lid and the face pack inside the tub to prevent the spillage. It is travel friendly and I prefer tube packaging when It comes to keep things hygiene.
The Texture, Colour and Smell:

The texture of the face pack is thick and creamy but easy to spread on the skin. The face pack looks like fuller earth mixed with water. It got really mild smell and doesn't bother you after applying.
My Take:
I was really excited to use this face pack. I used this face pack weekly thrice initially and later I reduced it to weekly once. I use to wash my face and then apply this face pack. This face pack has got a thick creamy texture but it easily spreads on the skin well. The face pack takes 20 to 25 minutes to dry up completely on my oily skin. After drying completely it looks yellowish on the skin, but doesn't leave any colour tinge on the skin after washing.

I noticed visible glow on my face after washing and also my skin looked clear and soft. It gave really relaxed and awesome feel after washing. After using it continuously my face looks bit clear and the texture got improved. But, I didn't see any improvement in my complexion. Over all it is a good face pack that helps you to get clear skin with glow. It didn't do anything with pigmentation, you can use it as a fruit face mask for getting clear skin with glow.
It didn't dry out my skin and didn't cause any breakout or allergy. For the price it is a food fruit face pack to use regularly.
My Likes with Nature's Essence Papaya Pack:
  1. It is affordable.
  2. It is travel friendly.
  3. Goodness of Papaya.
  4. Gives clear skin with glow after every use.
  5. Doesn't dry out the skin.
  6. Suitable for all skin types.
  7. Keeps skin soft and supple after washing.
My Dislikes with Nature's Essence Papaya Pack:
  1. It has no effect on pigmentation.
  2. It takes time o dry off completely.
Final Thoughts:
Nature's Essence Papaya Pack for Blemishes and Pigmentation is a good fruit face pack at an affordable price tag that everybody can buy and use it. It gives you clear skin with glow after every use that helps to get rid of your regular dead cells and you can use it as exfoliating face mask.
Hope My Review is Useful...
By Radha

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