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Modern & Chic Pendants to Complement Women of Today

Modern & Chic Pendants to Complement Women of Today
Hello Girls,
How can pendants spell confidence? Can it unleash the power-puff lady in you? Please note a pendant is no humble accessory, it is a fashion statement that speaks volumes about your style and persona. In fact, the pendant design that a celebrity steps out wearing often finds a way to fashion magazine headlines. That’s the kind of attention this subtle and modest fashion accessory commands.
Pendants are the perfect accessory that completes a fashion forward look. For instance, If you want to pose a drench down look, but not sure how to accessorize it, try donning a pendant with a long, bold chain to look chic and modern. The kind of pendant set you choose can make a big difference to your attire. So, without further ado, choose one from the following list of pendants available at store like CaratLane, India’s largest online destination for jewellery shopping.
Bar Pendants
Bray Wave Bar Necklace

Easy to mix and match with everyday style, bar pendants are a big winner this season. International celebrities like Emma Watson and Drew Barrymore have been spotted stepping out wearing a simple bar pendant and causing a stir in the fashion circuit.
Style tip: Team it up with regular denims, T-shirts, jackets or a flowy dress.

Trellis Pendants
Thea Trellis Pendant

Trellis is a design philosophy that has been inspired by the lattice or interwoven architectural drawing that has been part of several iconic structures and buildings through the centuries. Trellis jewellery designs are very elegant and dainty. To bring out the feminine side of you in the brightest way, adorn your neckline with trellis pendants.
Style tip: Perfect with casual evening gowns.
Colourful Pendants
Lotus Bloom Drop Pendant

If you are into statement neckpieces, colourful pendants can transform the appeal of any outfit within seconds. These pieces are bold, striking and very contemporary. Choose a vibrant colour to channel your free spirit like this Lotus Drop Pendant from CaratLane.
Style Tip: Most plain outfits go well with this Lotus Drop Pendant.
Cluster Pendants
Plumeria Cluster Pendant

Cluster necklaces are bold and if accessorized correctly can pull off like none other. However, if you are unsure about cluster necklaces, try wearing a cluster pendant. The cluster pendants are far from chunky and yet make your dress or attire standout. Floral cluster pendants are very popular these days. Plumeria Cluster Pendant from the Fleur collection is one exquisite piece that will enhance the appeal of any outfit or style.
Style Tip: Wear it with a long chain with any outfit.
Heart Shaped Pendants
Ruth Heart Cutout Pendant

A mention of heart shaped pendants cannot be ignored when talking about pendant styles and designs. Although regarded as a symbol of love and an ideal gift idea, you don’t have to wait to receive a heart shaped pendant as a present. We say, choose to gift it to yourself. The good thing about heart shaped pendants is that you can buy them in various metals, designs and stones. Just pick one that is closest to your heart. Heart pendant sets made from rose gold particularly bestow a luxurious charm and contemporary appeal.
Style tip: Choose to wear it with long flowy skirts.
Peacock Pendants
Poise Peacock Pendant

If you are looking for an exquisite piece of pendant look no further than peacock pendants. There are some beautiful range of peacock pendants and jewellery available on CaratLane. Pendants of such designs go best with ethic outfits and the colourful hues of turquoise, green and blue make this jewellery piece standout in the crowd.

Style Tip: Wear it with ethnic apparel
Whether you want to layer with a number of necklaces or wear it isolated, pendants are one of the safest, versatile and stylish fashion accessories that are perfect for any occasion. You can wear them casually or to a super formal event. So ladies, be bold, be beautiful!


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