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Maybelline Summer Essential Makeup Kit Review

Maybelline Summer Essential Makeup Kit Review
Hello Girls,
Makeup!!! We do it whether it is winter or rainy or summer... right? Because we need it to feel good. There are few makeup products needed when you want to do makeup, they are Kajal, Lip Balm and a Compact Powder. They are very essential and without them you cannot complete a basic makeup. Maybelline has come up with a super awesome summer makeup kit which is included these three products to help us to make our summer makeup easy. Those three products are top rated makeup products from Maybelline and also affordable in price. When you get these products within 500 Rs don't you call it awesome... yes, we do. Let us see about the products in details with few makeup tips...

Maybelline Summer Essential Makeup Kit:
Maybelline makeup products
Maybelline Summer Essential Makeup Kit Review

1. Maybelline White Super Fresh 12 HR Whitening+Perfecting Compact:

We have already reviewed this compact powder in our blog. This compact powder has recently launched by Maybelline. It is especially formulated for oily to combination skin girls. It stays on face and keep your makeup fresh for long time, especially during sweaty summer days you can just go for this compact powder without second thought because it has sweat control formula. It has UV filters and controls your oiliness It comes in a round cute compact case with a mirror and a sponge applicator. It makes your face bright in no minutes after applying and there is no doubt it is a summer essential makeup product which is priced 150 Rs which is simply affordable and available easily in all offline stores.
2. Maybelline Colossal Kajal:

Everybody knew about Colossal kajal very well. It is the top rated makeup product from Maybelline which is owned by every girls in the college and office. Colossal Kajal has owned every girls heart and took a permanent place in their vanity. Colossal kajal is famous for its black pigmentation and staying power. We have reviewed colossal kajal in our blog already. It is a sleek yellow pen with a twist open kajal tip which is very easy to handle for every girl who is in hurry. It is a must have makeup product to complete your makeup.
3. Maybelline Baby Lips (Berry Crush):

Baby Lips this lip balm is an another Maybelline's high rated makeup product which took place in every girl's purse. It is a tinted lip balm with SPF 20 which is a much needed for this
summer to protect your precious lips. Just one or two swipes will make your lips look gorgeous and at the same time protected. This shade Berry Crush is most used lip balm flavour from my kitty and I am a huge fan for this Baby lips lip balm. We have reviewed so many baby lips lip balms in our blog. It is priced 175 Rs and is available easily in all offline stores.
A Simple Summer Makeup by Using Maybelline Products:
Step 1:
Cleanse your face and apply your regular moisturizer. It is better to apply a moisturizer with SPF 40 for this summer or a Sunscreen, now wait for 10 to 15 minutes to make the cream absorb into the cream completely.
Step 2:
In between time (that 10 to 15 minutes waiting time) apply Maybeeline Colossal kajal in your eyes inner and outer line to make the eyeline looks perfect. Apply Maybelline baby lips lip balm on your lips.
Step 3:
Now apply Maybelline white super fresh Compact powder and spread it all over the face and neck to finish your morning summer ready face to go to your office or college.
Hope the post is helpful…
By Radha

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