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Soulflower Cold Pressed Avocado Pure Natural Carrier Oil Review

Soulflower Cold Pressed Avocado Pur Natural Carrier Oil Review
Hello Beauties,
Essential oils are widely used by us for curing body, skin and hair problems. Mostly Essential oils are sold by herbal brands hence they are natural blends from certain plants, mostly they are recommended by physicians for medicinal purposes, and apart from this we can use them personally to solve beauty related problems. Now, coming to my Soulflower Cold Pressed Avocado carrier oil I bought this for my seasonal hair problem. I use to get dry hair problem during winter and I have heard a lot about Avocado and its moisturizing properties, so bought this oil through online. Let us see about this oil in detail…
About the Product:

Soulflower Cold Pressed Avocado Pure Natural Carrier Oil
Price 350 Rs for 30 ml
Shelf life 2 years
Available through online stores and in some selected offline shops

Product Description:
Helps and regain shine and texture of the hair and control the dandruff. Rejuvenates and moisturize the skin as well as and heal it. Ideal for dry damaged skin.
100% pure natural oil extracted from Avocado fruits. Contains Vitamins A, D, E and Anti oxidants.
How to Use:
Mix 5 to 6 drops of Avocado carrier oil with any essential oil and can applied on the skin and hair.
My Experience with Soulflower Cold Pressed Avocado Pure Natural Carrier Oil:

This oil comes in a small glass bottle with a tight pressed lid which covered by a plastic black screw open lid. You need to pierce and put a hole on the tight pressed lid to make the way to drop the oil in your hands. Though it is glass bottle, it looks small so no problem with it to carry with you while you are travelling.
The Texture, Smell and Colour:

The texture of the oil is light weight and not so dense and smells ok but not pleasant. It is colourless like water.
My Take:
I am using it for my hair especially and tried on skin during winter when my skin is really dry and patchy. I have to say the oil worked on my skin like a miracle, but once my skin got normal I got break outs, so I stopped using it on my skin. I am sure this oil will be helpful for dry skin people by using it continuously. My hair become soft and manageable after I have used it with olive oil and sometimes with almond oil. This oil go well with any oil and blends with them well.

You just need to add 5 to 6 drops so it comes for long time more than 2 months even though you use it regularly. The hair texture got improved and simply it makes hair looks good. But regarding shiny I didn't see any visible shiny due to this oil. But it is worth using it regularly especially for dry hair.
My Likes with Soulflower Cold Pressed Avocado Pure Natural Carrier Oil:
  1. Useful for both dry hair and skin.
  2. Makes skin soft.
  3. Makes hair soft and manageable.
  4. It gives a conditioned look.
  5. Act as a best carrier oil.
  6. Come for more than 2 months.
  7. Price is reasonable when compared with other brands
  8. Easy to use.
My Dislikes:
  1. I didn't find any shiny thing on my hair.
Final Thoughts:
Soulflower Cold Pressed Avocado Pure Natural Carrier Oil is a good oil for those who suffers by dry skin and hair will get the full beneficial by regular usage.
Hope My Review is Helpful...
By Radha

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