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Moha Anti Dandruff Oil Review

Moha Anti Dandruff Oil Review
Hello All,
We have discussed a lot about dandruff in our blog. We all are keep on trying anti-dandruff products to get rid of them, but we use to have some side effects like hair fall, hair drying. I always prefer natural home remedies or herbal products to treat dandruff problem. I don't get dandruff easily, but my hubby have it on his scalp always. I gave this hair oil immediately to him to try. He happily accepted it. Let us see his views on this product in review...
About the Product:
Anti dandruff hair oil
Moha Anti Dandruff Oil Review

Moha Anti Dandruff Oil
Price 105 Rs for 100 ml
Shelf life 2 years
Available from their website

Product Description:
Mesmerize the world with the power of ancient Indian Beauty Secrets, brought to you by Moha a captivating range of potent natural beauty recipes created for the sole purpose to make you look beautiful, alluring and irresistible.  Get soft shiny healthy hair with this non sticky anti dandruff hair oil. A delightful infusion of Neem, hibiscus and rumari oils, it effectively fight dandruff while nourishing hair naturally, strengthening  the roots and preventing split ends.
Each 100 ml contains
Oil of Romarinus officinalis 50 mg
Oil of Wrightia tinctoria 15 mg
Oil of Nymph each Stellata 15 mg
Oil of Hibiscus Rosa - sinensis 12 mg
Oil of Melaleuca leucadendron 12 mg
Oil of Mela azzadirachta 2 mg
Coconut oil q.s.
Colour used Quinazarine green SS
BUTYLATED HYDROXY TOLUENE & Butylated hydroxy Anisole.
My Experience with Moha Anti Dandruff Oil:

It comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and the pump dispenser protected by a lid. The bottle is completely travel and user friendly.
The Colour, Texture and Smell:

The colour of the oil is pale green and the texture is light oil, it has bit strong smell so not sure about sensitive nose people. But it can be managed by applying small quantity of the oil.
My Hubby's View:
He is using this oil regularly for alternative days. He feel the oil is light enough to not make the scalp more oily and his hair looks soft and healthy after applying. He has no complaints about the smell as he likes herbal smells. His scalp use to have white dead cells hear and there all over the head before. He uses a chemical shampoo to treat his dandruff which is no use and in turn it made his scalp dry also increased the white dead cells in the scalp. After using this oil regularly for a week his white dead cells on the scalp got reduced gradually. Now he has rare dandruff particles in his head which was in very worst before.

He liked the results delivered by this oil. The oil didn't make his hair or scalp dry. It keeps his hair smooth and soft. He is happy with this oil and using it regularly without fail.
Likes with Moha Anti Dandruff Oil:
  1. It is very affordable.
  2. It is Effective in treating dandruff.
  3. It keeps hair smooth and soft.
  4. Doesn't makes hair more oily.
  5. Light in texture.
  6. It is free from harmful chemicals.
  7. It has goodness of Neem and hibiscus.
Final Thoughts:
Moha Anti Dandruff Oil is a must have anti dandruff oil for those who are struggling with their dandruff scalp always. It will be a good option with no side effects like hair fall and dryness for you to use regularly.
Hope the Review is helpful for you all...

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