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Moha Rejuvenating Massage Oil Review

Moha Rejuvenating Massage Oil Review
Hello Girls,
Massage Oil would sound like Spa, yes in Spa they use variety of massage oils for hair and skin to relax and rejuvenating purpose. So, Massaging oils takes an important place in beauty therapies. We have reviewed few Moha Products previously here, they are Anti-Dandruff Oil, Moisturizing Lotion and Face Mist. They are good and effective also affordable. I have tried few massaging creams for my face and never tried massaging oils. This is my first massaging oil that too right to use it during this dry winter season. Let us see the review in detail...
About the Product:
Winter dry skin care
Moha Rejuvenating Massage Oil Review

Moha Rejuvenating Massage Oil
Price 128 Rs for 100 ml
Shelf life 3 years
Available through their online shop

Product Description:
Mesmerize the world with the power of ancient Indian beauty secrets, brought to you by Moha, a captivating range of potent natural beauty recipes created for the sole purpose to make you look beautiful, alluring, irresistible.
A calming blend of jojoba, almond and evening primrose oils, this rejuvenating massage oil gently de-stresses and tones the skin giving it a healthy glow.
Oil of Helianthus Annuus, oil of sesamum indicum, Oil of Simmondsia chinensis, oil of olea europaea, oil of prunus amygdalus, oil of triticum vulgare, oil of oenothera biennis, oil of vitis vinifera, oil of rosemarinus officinalis, oil of citrus limon, light liquid paraffin.
Butylated Hydroxy Toluene and butylated hydroxy anisole.
Massage gently till the oil is absorbed. leave for 10-15 minutes before wash.
My Experience with Moha Rejuvenating Massage Oil:

The Massaging oil comes in a yellow plastic sturdy plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and it is covered by a lid. It is completely a travel and user friendly packaging.
The Texture, Colour and Smell:

The texture of the oil is light and less in greasiness. It looks like a plain oil and smells (bit strong) very good.
My Take:
I am using this oil mainly as body massage oil as it has slightly strong odour as my skin is sensitive, so I use to avoid over scented products on my face directly. This oil performs very good in moisturizing and relaxing the skin. I apply this oil before my bath and massage it well and leave it for almost 20 minutes. After bathing (washing) my skin feels really refreshed and rejuvenated well.

The smell also lingers around for few hours which is an additional good point. It makes the skin smooth and radiant. After using this oil regularly my skin feels more soft and radiant. I can feel the goodness of the natural essential oils in it while using it on my skin. The massaging oil really makes you feel that you took a good spa massage and bath in a spa. The smell makes your mood calm and fresh. I am using this massaging oil weekly once or twice depends on my skin's need and feels really better and I need less moisturizer for my body skin now a days. This is a good massaging oil to try it in all season of the year.
My likes with Moha Rejuvenating Massage Oil:
  1. The oil is easy to use.
  2. The packaging is user and travel friendly.
  3. It is really affordable in price.
  4. It has goodness of all essential oils.
  5. No side effects.
  6. It gives a good spa effect massage.
  7. It has good pleasant smell.
  8. Gives a radiant and smooth skin by regular use.
  9. The smell gives you rejuvenated feel and skin also feels the same.
Final Thoughts:
Moha Rejuvenating Massage Oil is a good massaging oil that can be used regularly or weekly twice, it makes you feel spa like massage and gives a rejuvenated feel and skin. It is so affordable so anyone can buy and try it.
Hope My Review is Helpful
By Radha


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