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Clean&Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash Review

Clean&Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash Review
Hello Beauties,
This is Shivangi mother of a 9 year old pretty girl and I love to experiment with new products, thus I have joined with Radha for beauty product reviews. I have oily skin which is acne prone, so I always in the search of a good face wash for me. Wherever I see Oil control tag in any products I have a tendency to try it out immediately. I came across this product with Deep Action Oil Control face wash from Clean&Clear brand. Let us see how far this face wash helped me in the mission...
About the Product:
face wash for oily skin
Clean&Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash Review

Clean&Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash
Price 50 Rs for 40 ml
Shelf life 3 Years
Available easily at any offline store like medicals, grocery shops, you can buy online too...
Product Description:
Clean&Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash specially designed to clean deep down to pores to help control oil. The unique formula is proven to clean deep into pores, thoroughly dissolving dirt, oil and makeup to keep skin oil free upto 8 hours. Also this face wash contains triclosan to help prevent blemishes. Its gentle cleaning formula is non drying to skin. Leaves your skin feeling clean & fresh.
Not mentioned in the package...
My Experience with Clean&Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash:

The face wash comes in a refreshing blue and white colour tube with a flip open top which is very travel and user friendly.
The Colour, Smell and Texture:

The Colour of the face wash is pure creamy white and it smells bit strong but nice. The texture is creamy and paste like one.
My Take:
When I saw the creamy texture I had a doubt that is it a oil a control face wash... because it looks very creamy and frothy and made me feel like this is for dry skin. Yes, my guessing was correct, the face wash didn't suit me from the first time itself. The face wash froths very well, but while washing I feel sticky and slippery. But, I felt clean after washing my face using this product. The oiliness of my face didn't get control in the first place and also I felt this face wash made my face more oily and acne prone. I am living in Chennai and the summer is horrible here, so this face wash couldn't perform better for my skin. Thankfully I didn't get any breakouts.

When I used the same face wash at Bangalore weather this fellow worked really well for me. It kept my face clean and fresh, also controlled my oiliness for sometime. I don't know whether to blame the face wash or Chennai's hot humid weather... anyway this face wash is not up to the mark. It failed to prove its claim of 8 hour oil control thing, it is totally wrong. The face wash name should be changed for dry skin girls.
My Likes with Clean&Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash:
  1. This is affordable and easily available.
  2. Travel and user friendly.
  3. Froths well.
  4. Gives a clean feel after washing.
  5. Works well for dry climate.
My Dislikes Clean&Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash:
  1. It is not at all for oily skin people.
  2. Its 8 hour oil control claim is totally wrong.
  3. No Ingredients list mentioned.
  4. Feels sticky after some time.
My Final Thoughts:
Clean&Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash is not for oily skin people, the brand is better change the name for dry to combination skin people. The 8 hours oil control claim is totally wrong. The brand have to change the formula to meet the claim or have to change the name...
Hope You all Loved My Review...
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By Shivangi...

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