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Elle 18 Color Boost Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Elle 18 Color Boost Lipsticks Review and Swatches
Hello Beauties,
These cute Elle 18 Color Boost Lipsticks reached me long time back for review, I was busy in my new home settling things and shifting at that time and kept this package in my makeup treasure (of course it is yes?). Recently I got to arrange my makeup, hair and skin care as well as the sample products in my storage cabinet and found this package and remembered that I have to review (there are hell a lot of products to be reviewed, that is a different story), so unpackaged and tried them all last week all these cuties for review. Let us see the review in detail...
About the Product:
Elle 18 Color Boost Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Elle 18 Color Boost Lipsticks
Price 150 for 4.3 ml
Shelf life 24 months
Available easily in all beauty stores like Health n Glow, you can buy online Elle 18 Color Boost Lipsticks...
Product Description:
Elle 18 has made things simpler this summer for all the girls out there with their new range of Color boost lipsticks. It comes in 10 lovely shades including Pinks, Reds and Oranges. These lipsticks are enriched with a special cocoa-butter formula that keeps your lips soft and your colour intact for upto 6 hours. Well, nothing arrests the beholder’s attention more than a glamorous pout.
Not Mentioned...
My Experience with Elle 18 Color Boost Lipsticks:
A girl must buy this lipstick for its cute packaging especially. It is so girly and in beautiful pink colour packaging, the pretty girl face in it is so attractive. The bright pink packaging is a plus point for this lipstick.
The Texture and Smell:
The texture is butter smooth and smells like a chewing gum. Though the texture is smooth I found it is difficult to blend evenly on lips with some shades, but not with all shades.
The Shades:
I have received 7 shades of lipsticks from this range, I hope they will have more shades. In this 7 lipsticks most of them are pink.
The Shade names are
 1. Hollywood pink
2. Hyper Orange,
 3. Blonde Pink,
 4. Miss Pink,
 5. Coral Nude,
 6. Superlicious Red,
 7. Red Passion
1. Hollywood Pink:
It is the most suitable pink shade for all Indian skin tone especially for medium to dusky skin tones. This shade is a plum colour pink which gives a mauve look for your lips, It is my most favorite shade from these 7 Elle 18 Color Boost Lipsticks. For fair skin this shade may look dark.
2. Blonde Pink:
It is also a pink shade with coral tint in it which is most suitable for fair skin tones, dusky and medium skin tones may feel washed out if applied. This shade looks bit patchy if not applied properly and this shade didn't suits for my medium skin tone.
3. Miss Pink:
This is a pure bright pink which is best suitable for medium to fair skin people. This shade might be liked by college girls very much because of its bright neonic appearance. It has blue hues which is suitable for cool undertone people.

4. Coral Nude:
This shade totally washed out me, it is not suitable for medium to dusky skin tones. This shade must be suitable for fair skin people which is a pale coral neutral shade and can go cool with college wear. This shade also looks patchy on pigmented lips.
5. Red Passion:
This is a beautiful bright Red shade with orange undertone which is a perfect match for party wear. Bright lipstick lovers can go for it without doubt. It is absolutely a gorgeous shade which is suitable for all Indian skin tones.
6. Supercilious Red:
It is a pinkish red shade which is very suitable for medium skin tones and this is the second favorite of mine next to the Hollywood pink. This is also a common shade to wear.

7. Hyper Orange:
The another patchy shade and it is a coral shade which looks bit dark than Coral nude shade. It is also not suitable for medium to dusky and may look good on fair skin tones, it gives a neon effect to the lips.
My Take:

So, the staying power is better than the previous Elle 18 lipstick which is available for 100 Rs, but not staying more than 3 hours. It is best buy for college girls who don't care about reapplying lipsticks. It has really a great pigmentation. But it is totally worth for this price where you can buy more than 7 lipsticks for 1000 Rs. Imagine just for 1000 Rs you can buy handful of lipsticks and wear it alternatively and enjoy. I must say don't sit any imagine just go to the beauty shop and own these cuties as much as possible.
My Likes with Elle 18 Color Boost Lipsticks:
  1. Pretty and travel friendly packaging.
  2. Lot of shades to choose.
  3. Affordable price.
  4. Easily available.
  5. Best for college girls.
  6. Smooth texture
  7. Hydrates your lips well
  8. Great pigmentation.
My Dislikes with Elle 18 Color Boost Lipsticks:
  1. Some shades looks patchy on pigmented lips.
My Final THoughts:
Elle 18 Color Boost Lipsticks are must have lipsticks for college girls as well as for office going ladies. It has a lot shades to choose at an amazing affordable price. Go and get one... no, no 5 or 6 for you...
Hope My Review is Helpful...
By Radha.
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