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Pond's Silk Cream Review

Pond's Silk Cream Review
Hello Beauties,
Pond's Silk Cream or call it as Cold Cream, during winters people will use a extra moisturizing creams and they are called cold creams. Nivea has such creams which are unbeatable for their moisturizing and creamy smooth texture. But now a days we have lot of creams for extra moisture to use during winters. Pond's has launched this one a year ago. Actually I never use cold creams because my face will end up with lot of breakouts because of extra oiliness. So, I have decided to gave this Pond's Silk Cream to my Mom who has dry skin and she use to suffer a lot during winter. So, this Review is based on my Mom's Opinion...
About the Product:

Best winter creams
Pond's Silk Cream Review

Pond's Silk Cream
Price 40 rs for 29 g
Shelf life 2 years
Available easily at all offline shops and you can buy it online...
Product Description:
Pond's Silk Cream 24 hour moisture lock + light non greasy formula. Experience the latest nourishing treat from Pond's! 24 hour moisturisation + goodness of silk in a luxuriously light cream that moisturises from deep within to give you a soft and smooth skin like never before.

My Experience with Pond's Silk Cream:

It comes in a small white plastic tub packaging with a screw open lid, yes, you need to dip your fingers to take the cream. It is available in all sizes and it is the smallest size 29 g here I am reviewing. It is handy to carry with you. It is travel friendly.
The Texture, Smell and Colour:

The texture of the Pond's Silk Cream is very creamy and smooth frothy like solid. It smells mild and remembers the pond's face wash. It is milky white in colour.
My Mom's Opinion:
My Mom always have normal to dry skin and in summer she will not have much skin problems and as soon as the summer closed her skin will begin to dry up to the extreme. She is not much into skin care or makeup and totally opposite to me. I use to give her some creams and soaps to use, she will accept only if they are herbal. She agreed to try this Pond's Silk Cream because she is the bog fan for Pond's talcum Powder (Thank God). As her skin was very dry the cream gets absorbed soon into her skin quickly and leaving her skin smooth and soft. She didn't feel any greasiness and she use to top it up with a talcum powder, it looked fine.

She told that her skin felt fine and hydrated till evening and she needed to reapply it during night. The cream does moisture and hydration perfectly for her dry skin. She liked this Pond's Silk Cream a lot and she bought another big size tub from a local shop (Mom you should thank me first). Regarding breakouts... she is far from breaking out age and the cream perfectly suited for her dry skin, that's it.
In my opinion this cream will be best suitable for dry to normal skin people and combination oily skin people can use it as a night cream if you are looking for an affordable decent product.

The Good Points about Pond's Silk Cream:
  1. It is easily available.
  2. It is travel friendly.
  3. It has mild and good smell.
  4. It is light weight cream.
  5. Best suitable for normal to dry skin.
  6. Best winter care product.
  7. Can be used a s night cream.
  8. Makes skin smooth and soft, hydrates the skin well.
  9. So affordable.
The Points to Note:
  1. If it comes in tube it will be more comfortable.
  2. Can not be used in summer.
Final Thoughts:
Pond's Silk Cream is a best winter purpose cream can be used as night cream by oily skin people. It is an affordable product that can be used by all age people. It is suitable for all skin but it will not give you fresh look, so you may not like to use it as day cream.
Hope My Review is Helpful...
By Radha

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