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Nature's Essence Spot Reduction Brightening Cream Review

Nature's Essence Spot Reduction Brightening Cream Review
Hello Girls,
Nature's Essence is a well known brand for its tan removal products, we have reviewed them already in our blog. They are quite effective and good on the skin. So,  last year I bought this cream when I was suffering by dark spots and skin darkening due to over sun exposure. Actually I bought this cream through online because these nature's Essence products are not easily available in all offline stores like other brands. I have decided to use it as night cream. Let us see the review in detail...
About the Product:
Best anti blemish creams
Nature's Essence Spot Reduction Brightening Cream Review

Nature's Essence Spot Reduction Brightening Cream
Price 425 Rs for 50 g
Shelf life 3 years
Avaliable at selected stores,  in Chennai Nature's Essence brand is available at Saravana stores. You can buy it from online too...

Product Description:
It's a war your skin fights with environment, Sun, aging process, stress and lot a more leaving your skin dissipated. Full of spots and dull in look and feel. Nature's timeless beauty spot reduction cream will not only defend but also restore lost sheen and glow, gifting you a spotless demeanour and a crystal clear complexion.
Key Ingredients:
Papaya extracts, active oxygen and juniper berry
My Experience with Nature's Essence Spot Reduction Brightening Cream:

The packaging is very attractive, it comes in a pretty golden tub with a golden screw open lid. The package Is reallly heavy and I don't think it is travel friendly.
The Texture, Colour and Smell:

The Texture of the cream is bit thick and heavy. It is a muddy coloured cream and smells mild and it is more on the herbal side.
My Take:
I bought this cream to use it as a night cream. The cream's texture is reallly thick and heavy, but to my surprise it got absorbed into the skin quickly without any cream residue on the skin. My skin is oily and acne prone,  I bought this cream during summer where my skin use to become more oily. So I felt this cream is reallly heavy on my skin after applying. I have open pores near to my nose area. I felt greasiness on my skin. So I used very little amount of the cream. After that I didn't feel much heaviness when I used it in less quantity.

After two weeks I saw that my complexion got improved a bit and the spots were getting lightened. But additionally I got few break outs in my open pores area. But I ignored it used it continuously. But the pimples were very adament to go away and later I got to know that the cream has clogged my open pores and due to that reason I got pimples. So I have stopped using this cream and treated my clogged open pores. The pimples got cleared and I didn't have the guts to continue this cream again. I have used it again during winter where I didn’t get any break outs and it worked well on my combination to dry skin during winter. Overall it is a best cream as a night skin care product that you cannot use it during day time.

My likes with Nature's Essence Spot Reduction Brightening Cream:
  1. It really works on spots and on dull skin.
  2. Mild herbal smell.
  3. Hydrates skin well.
  4. Moisturizes the skin well.
  5. Leaves skin smooth and soft.
  6. Very suitable for combination and dry skin people.
  7. Gets absorbed into the skin quickly.
My Dislikes with Nature's Essence Spot Reduction Brightening Cream:
  1. It feels bit heavy on the skin.
  2. Clogging the skin pores after continous use.
  3. Oily skin may break out.
  4. Not travel friendly.
Final Thoughts:
Nature's Essence Spot Reduction Brightening Cream is reallly effective and you can use it with full confidence if you have dry to combination skin and don't have much open pores in your face or be sure to clear your pores regularly, (I am verybad in it). It is good for night cream purpose.
Hope My Review is helpful
By Radha

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