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Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks Review and Lip Swatches

Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks Review and Lip Swatches
Hello Girls,
After those cute Colorshow nail paints in Maybelline makeup row now we have the Colorshow Lipsticks which are already rocking the makeup world. Maybelline has launched the Colorshow Lipsticks in an affordable price tag with a lot of shade collections to choose to your choice. I have lot of colorshow nail paints in my kitty, I have collected almost all the shades up to their Go Graffiti nail paint collection. They are simply amazing and good for daily wear as well as for special occasions likewise now their Colorshow lipsticks are on the row to enjoy…
About the Product:
Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks Review and Lip Swatches

Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks
Price 299 Rs for 3.9 gm
Shelf life 36 months
Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks are available easily in all beauty stores like Health n Glow as well as buy online…

Product Description:
Maybelline New Color Show Lip Colors, we bring the catwalk colors to the sidewalk, just for you. The all new Maybelline Color Show Lip Colorrange has 32 vibrant moisture rich shades that enable you to express yourself every day. We give a shade for your every mood; now showyour independence with reds, power with mauves, playful side with pinks & warmth with browns. These 32 intense colors suit all Indian skin tones and we’re absolutely sure you’re going to love them!
The main four color families are:
- Racy Reds (7 shades)
- Mischievous Mauves (10 shades)
- Peppy Pinks (6 shades)
- Bold Browns (9 shades)
Why you will love this new lip color range?  Because,
- They give all day hydration.
- They are heat resistant
- They guarantee color integrity.
- They do not fade even in extreme heat and humidity.
- They have a non-sticky, soft texture and hence are easy to glide.
The Color Show Lip Colors provide you with a range of shades which have the right amount of moisture, a sweet fragrance and stay true without drying up your lips just for Rs. 299/-

My Experience with Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks:

Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks are comes in a black sturdy plastic lipstick packaging and the cap of the lipstick is tight enough to carry with you while you are travelling, there is a shade indicator in the middle of the lipstick package.
The Texture and Smell:

The lipstick smells like a familiar medicinal syrup and it goes away after sometime when you apply on the lips. The texture is smooth and buttery which can easily spread all over the lips.
The Shades:
The shades I am reviewing here are Orange Icon and Red Rush. There is lot of shades in this Colorshow Lipsticks collection. Red Rush is a bright orange shade with red hue. The orange shade is more visible than the red when you applied on your lips. Those who like bright lipsticks must have this shade, it is a perfect bright orangey red shade for special occasions and parties. It can be used as a bridal lipstick.

The Orange Icon is totally opposite to the Red Rush shade. It is more of sheer lipstick and the shade is coral with pink hues. It is a beautiful daily wear shade and I love it a lot. The only thing you have to do if you have pigmented lips like me is to swipe few more times to get the coral colour on your lips. Still I love this shade a lot and I don’t mind to swipe it several times on my lips.
The Staying Power and Pigmentation:
The staying power must vary from shade to shade I think, because the Red Rush shade stays on lips for more hours than Orange Icon. I know the reason is because of lake of pigmentation. The Orange Icon shade is a sheer shade and it stays only for 2 to 3 hours with light snacks and cool drinks, but it leaves a light coral hint on your lips even after it vanishes completely. The Red Rush stays for 4 hours with a light snacks or meals. It leaves a beautiful orange hint on lips when the lipstick’s opaque finish goes away. Both shades are beautiful and a match depends upon your shade taste.

The lipsticks are very much moisturizing and keep the lips hydrated for long time. They are easy to apply and the bright shades may bleed if you over apply and there is no bleeding problem with sheer lipsticks like Orange Icon.
My Likes with Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks:
Easily available
Travel friendly
Easy to apply
Lot of shades to choose for your taste
There are daily wear as well as occasion wear lipstick shades available from this collection
Hydrates the lips well
Stays for decent time
My Dislikes with Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks:
The bright shades may bleed if over applied (of course no need to over apply, I meant if you are applying them carefully)
The lighter sheer shades may need few more swipes to get the intense colour.
Final Thoughts:
Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks are a must have lipstick collection for lipstick lovers. They have bright and light shade collections to choose. Don’t miss to check out your favourite shade from Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks??? I know you will do that…
Hope My Review is Helpful…
By Radha…
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