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Fab Bag May Edition Summer Special Review and Price Details

Fab Bag May Edition Summer Special Review and Price Details
Hello Beauties,
Hope all of you doing good, it’s been long time I did Beauty Blog Posts because I was busy with house warming ceremony for my new home and arrangements and all. I am very happy that I can start wright posts again. Last month end I received this Fab Bag May Edition Summer Special which is named as Summer, Sand and S**y. The name itself explains us that it is a summer special edition for May’s scorching heat. We must need this kind of pampering for this summer to save our skin from Sun tan and other Summer skin’s problems. So let us move on to the Fab Bag May Edition Summer Special in detail with pictures.
About Fab Bag May Edition:
Fab Bag May Edition Summer Special Review and Price Details

The Bag itself comes in a refreshing colour of Blue and White combination with a beautiful stripes design. It looks so pretty and fresh and the components inside the bag are more beautiful than the Pouch. The lists of products inside the Fab Bag May Edition Summer Special are:
Be a Bombshell Eye Shadow – Madrid (Full Size) Price 1200 Rs
Vana Vidhi Oriinal Rice Paddy Luxurious Face & Body Scrub – (Full Size) Rs 1599 for 70 Gm
SaND for Soapholics after Glow – Rs 710 for 50 gm
Fab Bag Bonus Scarf – Black (Full Size) Rs 500
Clarins Brightening Hydrating Emulsion - Rs 2750 for 50 ml &
Clarins SPF 50 Duo – Rs 4355 Rs for 75 ml
Now let us see a short note about the above products, later I will share detailed review posts separately…

Be a Bombshell Eye Shadow:
This Bombshell brand is pretty new for me and quite interesting too, it is made in PRC. This eyeshadow quad is a full sized sample that contains four beautiful neutral shades and the quad’s name is Madrid. There are four shades, one is Golden brown, second is Golden Yellow, third one Golden Orange and the fourth one is a highlighter shade. All the shares are pretty and it has subtle shimmers. Here is the Swatch picture…

Vana Vidhi Oriinal Rice Paddy Luxurious Face & Body Scrub
It is also a new brand that I am going to try and again it is also a full sized sample to try. The scrub looks and feels as luxurious as they mentioned. The smell of the scrub is so good and bit strong, still tolerable. It is a herbal and Ayurvedic product. It is filled with full of essential oils and natural ingredients. It is a must try scrub for those who wants to add luxurious in their bath.
SaND for Soapholics after Glow:
Another herbal brand to feel good SaND for Soapholics, the name itself sounds good. This is another new brand to try for face glow. I am yet to try it on face. This product also filled with natural ingredients which make me feel good.
Fab Bag Bonus Scarf:

It is a bonus products for beautiful ladies out there whoever subscribed for May Edition. This is an opt product for summer to style up your outfit while going out.
Clarins Brightening Hydrating Emulsion & Clarins SPF 50 Duo:
Clarins is a well-known brand for me but I didn’t try it still as it is a bit costlier brand. Now I got an opportunity to try it out through Fab Bag. I am yet to try them and I am so excited to try them. I hope they are as good as the brand’s name.

A big thanks to Fab Bag for providing Full sized samples from Bombshell, Vana-Vidhi and for a beautiful scarf and also for giving me a chance to try a good brand Clarins.
I am sure you people liked and excited to try the Fab Bag May Edition Summer Special…
Do subscribe for the May Edition if you want to try these awesome products…
Thank You…
By Radha

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