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Votre White Essence Brightening Masque Review

Votre White Essence Brightening Masque Review
Hello Beauties,
Life has become very hectic in this modern world, so we need everything readymade or ready to use form. Facepacks are such kind of products which are ready to use at any moment. We often suffer by pimples and tanning, but we really don't have time to prepare ancient methods of facepacks for such problems. Votre has come with a fabulous facepack which can help in removing both of your pimples and tanning problems. Do let us see it in the review...
About the Product:
herbal mask
Votre White Essence Brightening Masque Review
Votre White Essence Brightening Masque 
Price 1090 Rs for 100 gm
Shelf life 2 years 
Avaliable at online shopping like flipkart, jabong, snapdeal...

Product Description:
Votre White Essence Brightening Masque is extensive blend of herbals and botanicals complex that works to give a fair complexion. Its work on discolouration and gives skin lightening effect making the skin clean and radiant.
Key ingredients:
Santalum album  (sandal wood)
Morous alba root extract (white mulberry)
Curcuma long a (Turmeric )
Glycyrrhiza gla bra (Licorice)
Vitis vinifera  (Grape Seed extract)
Bacopa moneri (Brahmi extract)
My Experience with Votre White Essence Brightening Masque:
This votre face mask comes in a light weight container with a silver colour screw open lid. It is travel and user friendly.
The Colour, Texture and Smell:
The face mask looks like a thick fuller earth mixture, I mean it looks like sand mix. The texture is so thick. It smells like a medicine and weird.
My Take:
I have used this face mask regularly weekly twice and I liked the results very much. This face mask helped me to reduce my tan on the face and neck as well as the pimple marks. It Doesn't dry out my oily skin, may be dry skin people need to moisture their skin after using this face mask. Though it smells weird I use to tolerate the smell for the outcome. After washing my skin it looks clear and bright. You can see the visible results from the first use itself. The texture is so thick so you have to mix it with some water and then spread it all over the face and neck.

I saw some of my old pimple marks also got lightened after using it regularly. The result of the face mask stays up to next day. It gives a natural glowy and bright skin. It never broke out my skin, I was afraid of using it because of the smell. But, later I realised that this face mask is worth trying regularly. It suited for my sensitive oily skin. I am left with small amount of this face mask now and saving it for occasional use. I liked this face mask very much other than the weird smell and the overprice. But it is worth trying to get visible results.
My likes with Votre White Essence Brightening Masque :
  1. It is travel and user friendly.
  2. It is skin friendly.
  3. It gives clear and glowy skin.
  4. It removes tan well.
  5. It reduce pimple marks.
  6. It Doesn't dry out the skin.
  7. Easy to wash.
My Dislikes with Votre White Essence Brightening Masque:
  1. The weird smell.
  2. The price is on the higher side.
My Final Thoughts :
Votre White Essence Brightening Masque is a good face mask for those who want a product that gives visible results, it really reduce the tan and pimple marks.
Hope My Review is helpful
By Radha
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