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FAB BAG JULY Month Red Carpet Edition Review and Pictures

FAB BAG JULY Month Red Carpet Edition Review and Pictures
Hello Friends,
Red Carpet!!! This is the magic word that attracts every girl who inclined more into makeup and dressing. Red Carpet is something special for a girl who is going to participate in that catwalk because she will be dressed up specially and the makeup also will be very special to attract the audience. So if you get a beauty bag with products that can make you Red Carpet ready what will you do? Yes I know you want to get one and try that gorgeous beauty bag immediately like every makeup addict do… So this month July FAB BAG has come with a Red Carpet special edition for you let us see the product details and pictures of the BAG in this post…
FAB BAG JULY Month Red Carpet Edition:

The pouch of this month’s FAB BAG is awesome and gorgeous with a zipper lock and two push buttons lock. It will be more useful for your other purpose too.
This special FAB BAG Contains

Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick – Ruby (Full Size : Rs 1500)
SUGAR Eye Told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner – Black Swan (Full Size: Rs 699)
Vana Vidhi Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen (Rs 2400/ - for 115 ml)
Ayorma Spa Daily Scrub (Rs 279/ - for 50 gm) & Face Wash (349/- for 100 ml)

So this month the new brands in FAB BAG kitty are Sugar and Ayorma
Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick Ruby:
So the Red Carpet lipstick will be a gorgeous Red obviously… The shade name is Ruby and the shade looks Reddish Orange. It looks super shiny on the lips with a moisturized look. Also gives pretty Red lips immediately within a swipe on the lips. The packaging remembers me Revlon lipstick. This lipstick will make your Red Carpet look stunning for sure.

SUGAR Eye Told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner Black:
The brand’s name sounds yummy… isn’t it? SUGAR… I like Sugar very much. So the brand’s name attracts me so much. It is a black shade and I always feel comfortable with Black shade eyeliner. The swatch of the eyeliner itself showing an intense black colour so it must be wonderful eyeliner on your Eyes…

Vana Vidhi Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen:

I think in May FAB BAG Edition I have received a Vana Vidhi skin care product. It was a scrub and this time it’s a Shimmer Sunscreen. We use Sunscreen for the skin where it is exposed to the Sunlight. If it comes with shimmer to make your skin looks lustrous and shiny you will feel double happy yes? So Vana Vidhi has a shimmer Sunscreen to look gorgeous even you are in under Sun light. I have just swatched and it looks really cool on the skin.
Ayorma Spa Daily Scrub and Face Wash:

When you get a Spa branded Face wash and Scrub to treat your skin in the home like a spa, you must be excited to use them right? I am also excited to use them. The face wash and scrub smells really awesome and the brand Ayorma is a new kid in the brand intro of FAB BAG.
How To Create RED CARPET look by using FAB BAG:

Your face and skin must be tired of being exposure on Sun light and other pollution. So, you should wash and exfoliate the skin properly before a RED CARPET makeup look. Use the SPA treatment of Ayorma Face wash and Scrub here. After Exfoliating apply the Vana Vidhi Shimmer Sunscreen on the skin. Now Apply the SUGAR Black Eyeliner on the eyes and the Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick in Ruby on the lips. Now you are ready to rock the RED CARPET look with your favorite cocktail dress and take the FAB BAG July 2015 Edition Golden pouch with you to add more glamour to your RED CARPET look.
I hope this will help you to get an idea about RED CARPET look and about the FAB BAG…
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By Radha…

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