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Dresses For Petite Women Tips and Ideas

Dresses For Petite Women Tips and Ideas
Hello Beauties,
What is Petite Women? According to the fashion language a woman of height under 5.4’’ is called as a petite woman. And I do think , being a petite is not a very big deal. If you dressed up properly then you also can look as beautiful/ stylish as a tall lady. There are few guidelines to follow and after that you can rock your natural figure as well. These tips are also help full for those people whose upper body length and lower body length are almost same. Let’s move to the post in detail...

First you have to shop from the right online shop which are falling in the petite frame. There are some international sites which sales cloths specially for petite ladies. There are also some brands ( international )available in market which carry Special Party Dresses. Then it is very important to dressed up properly. Here are some tips which will help you to decide what you have to choose and what to avoid in terms of cloths.

1- Short dresses are always look pretty on small height girls and makes them look taller and younger as well.

2- You can also carry high waist pants or skirts , this will make your legs look longer. Never wear equal length tops and bottoms. This will split up your body into two halves and destroy the whole look. Always choose pants that covers two –third of your body and shirts for one-third. That makes you look taller.

3- V- neck shirts also helps to elongate your figure and makes you look slimmer and taller.

4- Always choose vertical stripe shirts, tops, dresses or pants . These lines elongate the figure of short height people. It’s better to avoid the horizontal line dresses .

5- Monochrome outfits (or outfits with one or two color variations) are another better option for petite women. It is better to avoid very contrasting tops as this will draw the whole attention to the fact that your upper and lower body are of equal length.

6- Always choose cloths which fits your body shape well, otherwise it will make you look fat and shorter. Skinny fit short dresses are the better option.

7- Avoid loose and long tops because that will make your legs appear shorter. Choose hip length tops always.

8- If you are wearing any pant or skirt then do try to wear same color belt as well ,that will make your leg appear longer and will make you look taller.

9- Wearing heels are always a best option for petite women. And do avoid wedges as these will look too boxy.

10- You can create a very nice look by wearing an open jacket/ cardigan. This will look beautiful on petite women and will add extra beauties.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Every person is different in their own way, you can try these tips and see which one will work for you better.

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