Friday, February 6, 2015

This Valentine’s Day go the extra mile to Closeup

This Valentine’s Day go the extra mile to Closeup with Closeup dares youngsters to take a leap of faith on Valentine’s Day. It’s important to have some fun while you confess your feelings, to win over your dream date. Whatever your style – be it cheeky, quietly confident or living life on the edge, Closeup puts together some bold moves to get this Valentine’s Day rolling, for all the love struck youngsters. To play the Cupid Games, log on to Closeup Cupid Games and spin the Closeup tube to get your bold move. So wear your bold sleeve and live up your Valentine’s Day!

Fearless Bold: Bold moves for the fearless who prefer life on the edge The Frisky Film - Create a short video clip asking your crush out for Valentine’s and air it during the interval of a film at a cinema. The more creative your clip, the bolder your move!
The Dance Dedication - Get the club DJ to dedicate a song to your crush.  Then ask him or her out for Valentine’s in the middle of the dance floor by busting your moves to that tune. The slicker your dance routine, the bolder your move!

The Saucy Shout Out - Make a very important Public Service Announcement asking your crush out on a Valentine's date. The more public your declaration, the bolder your move! (Tip: Try making one over a mall’s PA system!)

Cheeky Bold: Feeling cheeky and want to challenge yourself? Have fun with these bold moves The Mob Mania - Enlist an army of friends to perform a flash mob stunt to ask your crush out for Valentine's. The bigger the mob, the bolder your move!

The High Flier - Show your crush love is in the air with a Valentine’s Day invite attached to flying object(s). Balloons, kites, drones… you choose. The more creative your stunt, the bolder your move!

The Big Surprise - Get common friends to blindfold your crush and guide her or him to a breathtaking spot where you have a sumptuous picnic and Valentine’s Day invitation waiting. The more elaborate your plan, the bolder your move.

Quietly Confident Bold: For those who are quietly confident and appreciate understated fun. The Gob smacking Gift - Wow your crush with a unique gift to ask him or her out for Valentine’s. We’re not going to tell you what to put in the box, apart from ‘think out of the box’. The more eye-popping your gift, the bolder your move! (Hint: Your gift doesn’t have to cost a bomb to be awesome.)

The Animal Attraction - Get your furry friend to deliver a Valentine’s Day invite to your crush on your behalf! The more creative your maneuver, the bolder your move! (Hint: Attach your message onto your pet’s collar!)

The T-Shirt Tease - Surprise your crush by wearing a customized T- shirt with a flirty Valentine’s message asking him or her out! The wittier your message, the bolder your move.

What’s in store? Submit your entry on the Cupid Games website and stand a chance to win holiday vouchers daily and other even more exciting prizes like an iPhone 6 Plus! So get ready to get closer by being bolder!

Closeup Cupid Games

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