Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Surprise Your Valentine by a Special Dinner

Surprise Your Valentine by a Special Dinner
Hello Friends,
Valentine's day is so near and already all of us thinking about what to gift to our beloved one and how to surprise them in a different way. You may thinking of gifting his or her favorite goodies or perfumes or dresses. How about surprising them by their favourite food with a personalized note... Well, I have already decided to surprise my beloved one during Valentine's day in this method. The idea came from The Lunch Box film. You may wonder what from this Movie you got an idea to surprise your lover in Valentine's day... Yes, I am and please wait I am going to explain my plan in this post, let us go into the subject...

The Lunch Box and Me:
I hope so many of you have already watched this awesome movie in theaters. This is an interesting story line moving around two males and a female charterers. The actress who got so much feeling about her husband and couldn't find a way to express her thoughts in person. The husband who is not at all caring about her wife's feelings and don't spend time with her at all. So, she decided to write a (Love) note about her feelings and put it in his Lunch Box where she use to prepare for him regularly and she worked out the plan one day.

But the twist in this story starts from here where the Lunch Box got misplaced to a middle aged widower instead of her husband. Later, the story moves very interestingly like what happened next to that widower after reading her note... A simple Note in a Lunch Box changes things upside down in their life. So, a Note, I mean a personalized letter to your beloved one may change his or her mood totally, may be new love start to blooms.

I like to choose my Hubby as my beloved person here, because he is my father and mother, friend, lover and all after marriage. He guides me when I am in doubt or in a trouble. He encourages me when I am not in a bad mood. He made me laugh in my hard times. He is super supportive for my blogging profession, unless his support I couldn't have reached this much in my blogging journey.
He loves to eat variety of foods, especially he loves to eat spicy foods and his favourite sweet is Kaju Katli. He loves my cooking and he rarely complains about the taste of my cooking. He encourages me to try new recipes always. I love to send him a surprise note with a Lunch Box special and we are going to enjoy the movie 'The Lunchbox' Premiere on Valentine's Day at 8 PM on &pictures. So, Friends don't miss the chance to watch such an awesome movie. I hope this will be a new and great surprise for him and I am sure he will love the food and the personalized note too. 

Happy Valentine's day in Advance...


  1. How romantic it is to leave a love note in hubby's tiffin box! This can definitely make the husband-wife bond strong. I think both husband and wife should come up with such ideas to surprise each other.

  2. Awww..very sweet..
    Yummy n romantic post..
    Happy valentines day sweetie ...love

  3. awww you got me all emotional radha.....my husband also loves my cooking,be it his favourite "fish" :P or chicken thukpa or methi paratha he always relish...i dont know yet what i am going to surprise him with but i will figure it out..happy valentine's day dear....

  4. Your hubbby is a lucky man... Food is the best way to show ur love :D
    Food is so yumm :p

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