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Lacto Calamine Reneu Night Cream Review

Lacto Calamine Reneu Night Cream Review
Hello Girls,
Lacto calamine!!! It is a good trusted brand by most of us. A year before they launched some other skin care products like sunscreen, night cream apart from their usual moisturizing lotions. I have used their moisturizing lotions and read the reviews here and here. I really loved the lotions. Because I trusted this brand so much I have bought this night (anti-ageing) cream which has got good reviews without considering its high price tag. Let us see review on this night cream in detail...

About the Product:

Night creams
Lacto Calamine Reneu Night Cream Review
Lacto calamine Reneu anti ageing cream 
Price 799 Rs for 50 gm
Shelf life 2 years 
Available in all offline beauty shops and as well as in online...

Product Description:
Lacto calamine Reneu anti ageing cream with Reneu action formula for healthy and  youthful skin.
The revolutionary, U.S patented non oily ULMEe contains Aminoglycan (AG) complex, the building block of collagen. It is the essential protein for maintaining skin's elasticity and firmness. ULMEe permeates into the skin and tightens the layer underneath to reduce the wrinkles of the skin.
9 natural nourishing organic extracts present in the cream provide advanced skin moisturisation while making the skin soft and smooth. Its antioxidant property neutralizes free radicals in the skin to delay ageing.

The Anti-Melanine effect of naturally sourced NAM helps in lightening of the skin.


My Experience with Lacto Calamine Reneu Night Cream:
Lacto Calamine Reneu Night Cream Review
This night cream comes in an attractive glossy package and though it looks small in size, weighs bit heavy. I am sure it is not a plastic package, it might be a glass container and comes with a golden screw open lid. It is travel friendly because it contains a white colour plastic cap inside but it is not an user friendly packaging.

The Colour, Smell and Texture:
Lacto Calamine Reneu Night Cream Review
This night cream is in muddy white colour and smells bit strong, I couldn't explain what kind of smell it is, may be an old paper's smell and I don't like it totally. The texture is thick creamy one and gets easily absorbed into the skin.

My Take:
I used this night cream last year and you know what, half of the cream in the tub still remains unused in my stash. Because, I am totally hating this night cream which made my skin worst. Actually I bought this night cream with full of hopes and expectations. I bought this night cream only after reading some so called good reviews only. I forgot to notice that they PR sampled reviews, what to tell more, some people gives so partial reviews for the sponsored products, I have wasted my hard earned money.
Lacto Calamine Reneu Night Cream Review
Lacto Calamine Reneu Night Cream Review
This night cream is very creamy and thick in texture but got absorbs into the skin fast and well. After 10 days of usage I didn't notice any single positive signs which are mentioned or listed on their package. Well, I did continue it using for more than 20 days, then I have stopped using it because I have noticed that this night cream made my skin dark!!! In addition my skin become patchy and rough too. After stopped using this cream my skin got back to normal. Though it seems to give enough hydration to the skin after applying, in  the morning I woke up with tight dry skin, note that my skin oily and sensitive.

I was so disappointed and never expected such results from a brand ike Lacto Calamine!!!

My Likes with Lacto Calamine Reneu Night Cream:
Nothing actually, I hate you...

My Dislikes with Lacto Calamine Reneu Night Cream:
There are so many
High price tag which totally waste
Strong annoying smell
Bulgy package
Made my skin dark
Not giving enough hydration to the skin
Makes skin rough
False Claims

Final Thoughts:
Lacto Calamine Reneu Night Cream is totally a dud product for me, I am not sure about that how it will be for others, for me it is a waste of money and I will not buy any new products from Lacto Calamine as of now...

Hope My Review is Helpful...
By Radha...


  1. Sad to hear that this didn't work out for you.

  2. I keep seeing this and wondering whether to buy it. But I guess I won't now.. Thanks for the honest review..

  3. i used to see this product but since I am not a fan of lacto calamine products, i didn't buy it. was very curious to know how the product fares and now we know the truth. thanks to you!

  4. Oh god... so many cons. At first i was impressed by packaging but after reading your review its really wastage f money ...

  5. disappointed. .thanks for d review rads

  6. Very sad to know this...
    I was also impressed with packaging but with so many cons no point to buy it..
    Great review rads

  7. Thnx for this review...Will surely never try this......

  8. Such a dud..!! Never going to buy..


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