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Hair Care Potli (Bags) by SoulTree

Hair Care Potli (Bags) by SoulTree
Bangalore, January 19, 2015: Since the Vedic period, potlis were used for carrying herbs, medicated leaves, fruits, gold coins or items of importance. Carrying forward this ancient tradition, SoulTree brings to you hair care potli (bags)…filled with organic herbs & natural goodness dedicated to one’s hair & scalp needs.
Every kind of hair – whether it be dry hair, dandruff hair, damaged hair, or combination hair, needs essential nutrition & nourishment to stay healthy and maintain its sheen. SoulTree offers you a fine range of hair care products which are free from SLS/SLES, parabens and silicones. And each product is gentle enough for an everyday use. SoulTree’s potlis give you a complete hair care solution, from an oil massage (champi), followed by a gentle natural cleansing and conditioning. Packed in ethnic looking potlis made from natural cotton, there are 3 options to pick from, depending on your hair type.

Benefits of a Head Massage:
o Opens up the pores & increases the absorption
o Ingredients like aamla, brahmi & methika helps in reducing premature graying of hair
o Relaxes and calms your mind, aids in sound sleep
o It helps reduce stress and increase energy levels

A traditional head massage (ideally with warm oil), should be massaged into the scalp with your finger tips. After the oil is applied, rub the scalp slowly and run it down the body of the hair. Don’t massage forcefully as it can result in hairfall. An ideal oil would be one containing wholesome ingredients like aamla (Indian gooseberry), methika (Fenugreek) which are hair’s best friends! The more you leave on the oil, the better results you can expect. But a champi is recommended each time before a wash. The oil can be washed away by a gentle shampoo free from mineral oil like SoulTree’s range of shampoos followed by a conditioning hair care mask made from rich herbs like SoulTree’s Hibiscus Hair Conditioner. There are 3 variants for the potlis:

For Dull & Damaged Hair:
Contains 200ml Licorice Hair Repair Shampoo, 200ml Aamla & Brahmi Hair Oil and 100g
Hibiscus Hair Conditioner @ Rs.995/-
Contains 200ml Triphala Hair Revitalising Shampoo, 200ml Aamla & Brahmi Hair Oil and 100g
Hibiscus Hair Conditioner @ Rs.895/-

For Dandruff prone Hair:
Contains 200ml Neem & Aloe with Cleansing Lemon Peel Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 200ml Aamla & Brahmi Hair Oil and 100g Hibiscus Hair Conditioner @ Rs.995/- These are available online on for quick & convenient ordering.

About SoulTree: 
SoulTree® is India’s first and the only range of certified natural beauty & personal care products developed by Vedicare Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. The products are crafted from natural origin ingredients, using natural oils  and carefully selected Ayurvedic herbs which are grown organically or wild-crafted in the Himalayas. SoulTree products carry the assurance of BDIH seal, the German hallmark for natural beauty products. In addition to the organic Ayurvedic herbs, these natural origin ingredients are derived from natural sources through strictly regulated processes to ensure that synthetic & harmful ingredients do not make their way into the products. No artificial colours, fragrances or harmful preservatives are added. SoulTree products are free of parabens and silicones. Every SoulTree product comes in a recyclable packaging. SoulTree believes in complete transparency and lists all the ingredients on each product label to allow customers to make an informed decision.SoulTree offers a wide range of skin care, hair care, bath care and beauty products available across the country in stores that stock organic and natural products.


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