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CLOSED - GIVEAWAY - Share Your Answers and Win Ponds Age Miracle Gift Hampers

GIVEAWAY - Share Your Answers and Win Ponds Age Miracle Gift Hampers
Hello Beauties,
Hope you all enjoyed the Previous Contest and those who cannot win in that Contest may win in this Contest, Here is another interesting contest from "Ponds Age Miracle" cream... Just share your Answers for the below Questions and get a chance to win awesome gift Hampers...

Theme: The art of receiving compliments:
·              Women love receiving compliments
·              With Ponds Age Miracle, compliments are not only a thing for your younger days
·              Feel up to 10 years younger with Ponds Age Miracle
·              Follow a skincare regime (Describe your ideal skin care regime) that leaves your skin feeling 20!
·              Share your best compliments with Ponds and win prizes

Obviously every women loves compliments and I am not an exceptional women, I love complements very much and I am a Mother of Five years old boy and still people asks me that which College you are studying? This is enough to feel 10 years younger than your age, right? My Skin care Routine contains Essential oils and Oil massage with suitable skin care products always...

What you are waiting for... Do share your Answers and win Gift Hampers from Ponds...  

Contest Rules
1. Participants must be a Follower of all our Social Media like FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc,
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2. Must be a Subscriber via Email for our Blog...
3. Share about the Giveaway at Twitter by tagging @saruradha and at FB @indianbeautyzone 
4. Must be an Indian Resident and above 18 Years
5. Do share your Email ID with the answers
6. Contest Ends at 10-01-15
7. There are 5 Winners

The Giveaway Winners will get the following products in the Gift Hampers

All the Best Girls...
Do Participate...

Now the Winners are:

1. Shunmuga Sundari C
2. Tejinder Kaur
3. Bhawna
4. Seema rastogi
5. Saraswati Thakur

To All who didn't winning this time, please don't get disappointed... Awesome giveaways coming in the future, stay connected with IBZ...
Thanks a lot for participating <3 
Congrats Girls.... 
Sent you Mail, please reply today itself...


  1. Thank u di for another amaxing giveaway!!! I really love using ponds products and the tagline attracted me 'googly woogly woosh'.. n coz of this only I got many compliments that I've got a very cute, healthy, adorable n flawless skin. People compliment me that I have a natural blusher and I don't need a blusher, lol.

    Email id:
    Thank u again di to u n ponds for this awesome giveaway...

  2. Hi thank you for amazing giveaway. I am die hard fan of Ponds since my teenage starting my journey from its winter cold cream till Ponds BB cream. Whenever i use Ponds BB cream i get loads of compliments telling i got flawless skin having natural glow. I never leave my home without wearing it. Its the best compliment i always gets where my husband just stares at me :) and for my acne spots i use Ponds white beauty cream which fades my spots overtime and gives me clear skin.
    followed you everywhere.
    email id:
    shared on fb

    Twitter share-

  3. First of all, thanks Radha for organizing this giveaway. Second, thanks Ponds for being a part of such fin giveaways.. after all, who does not like winning a contest and when it is a beauty product giveaway, it is all the more exciting!!

    As for the compliments, I am a Doctor by proffession and my work requires me to look simple. So, I cannot go overboard with makeup on my regular working days!! I once got a surprise visit from the guy I love.. Even with no makeup on, he looked at me with such gleam in his eyes and said, '' you look glorious!!'' It made my day, given the fact thats ours has been a long relationship and in such a case, things tend to get stale. So, that day I thanked myself for not taking my skin care for granted, as a result it looks good even with minimal makeup!!

    My skin care routine is basically about cleansing and nourishing my skin. I use a mild facewash in mornings and a deep pore cleanser in evwnings. In evenings, I also do cleansing with olive oil to remove deep seated makeup residues. Follow with toning with Rose water and a light lotion. At night, I put on any lotion with retinoids. Twice a week, I do exfoliation with Oatmeal and Apple homemade scrub. For face masks,I use a papaya and Orange juice mixture as a mild AHA and antioxidant dose. A healthy diet with ample sleep, faith in God and lots of Green tea... trust me, you would not need makeup!!

  4. Email id
    Following you on social media ':)

  5. wow....have a nice giveaway radha....

  6. Hi Radha,
    Thanks always for these wonderful giveaways...
    My husband always say that there are only three things all women need in life: food, water, and compliments and i bestow upon it...
    I feel this is the best gift any woman can get is compliments...Though in my life of 45 yrs, i received several compliments from my hubby,family ,friends but the one which is closest to my heart which is received by me from my husband on my 25th anniversary is " Your presence in my life and heart makes my life complete...You r my Sri Devi...With his this compliment, i felt mersmerized and was top on the world...
    Hope to receive many more compliments like this....
    My email id is
    Following u everywhere...

  7. I like how honest you are about compliments and how it makes us feel. Wish more women will be like you and admit it. I am the same because as said in bold words "Who doesn't like it". I am not eligible for the give-away and so, best of the luck to the rest.

  8. Younger Days: -
    Golden days always left those remarks which cherish you throughout your life. I was born with a good volume of hair and good skin with a wheatish colour . Those days most of girls ask me about wonderful skin and how it is so supple? That time my mother plays a vital role in taking care of my skin. She makes herbal pastes of Besan, lemon, Raw milk & soaked Chironji. After that I apply a layer of raw Aloe vera.

    Skin Care Regime in my 30+ of age:-
    As I am growing so the needs of skin is also changed, now my use a homemade herbal paste to tone my skin : Multani Mitti, Raw milk, Few drops of lemon add water (extract of neem& tulsi). And then to moisturize my skin apply raw Aloe Vera.
    I use to apply this paste twice a week and I am also very particular to this also to nourish my skin.

    Ponds is companion:-
    Yes, Ponds supports a lot to make me feel & look younger, I am 35 years old now so an age defense cream is my skin’s requirement. Ponds Age Miracle Daily cream is companion which always stay with me. I use to apply it on my face in the morning.

    Compliments are the tonics of life which not only increase your hearts beat but also give you blushing moment. For a woman a compliment is like an appreciation of her hard work which she has done on herself. It like “Paisa Wasool for her”

    Best Compliment: By my husband while taking me in his arms
    “Konsi Cream use kar rahi ho jo tumko Haseen aur mujhe jawan bana rahi hai”

    Name : Bhawna Varshney

  9. The best compliment I ever got Is lots of my friends says I resemble juhi Chawla. .n I absolutely loved it ..n they used to give me her pics on my birthday..n no doubt she is v pretty n love her hair too
    I love using ponds product too...n ppl says u dnt need makeup n the reason is I do excercise everyday n I think that makes my skin more glowing n this contest rads u.

    My email I'd :
    Name : tejinder kaur

  10. Wow Awesome Give-away...

    Wow I am very happy to tell u this incident that recently happened with me...
    Just few days back I went to get my hair cut... N while I was waiting for my stylist to get free, i waiting n going thro some magazines, As My daughter sat beside me n was looking at all those pictures in the magazine...
    Then a Aunty came n sat beside me n stared talking about how the college students get dressed n get their make up done all .... N she asked Me... " So tell me What U college going students buy Your cloths n What n all healthy routine U follow to keep Yourself so Clean n glowing all the time... ?"

    Oh My God, I was so happy with Myself, That Aunty thought that I was one of the College going student.... That Was the best compliment That i got in a while... really made me blush a little bit.. :) :) :)..

    Later I said to Aunty that I was not in college n was married n this bedside me is my daughter n its been almost 8 years I been to a college... :P

    Well Who doesnt like to flaunt the compliment that they got, I came home n narrated all these to My Sister n Made her Bit jealous... :P... :)

    My Name- Veena Vinyas
    My mail id-

    Followed u on Fb, Twitter, Pinterest , Instagram
    Tweet link-
    Fb- share-

    Fingers crossed,
    Veena Vinyas

  11. compliments is a magical thing that makes me smile and feel happy. So,The best compliment i have ever received from my cousins whenever they comes my home they ask me your skin looks best ,good-looking what creams did you use ?? how your skin is glowing day by day???
    those questions makes me feel blush ^_^
    E-Mail ID:

    Twitted link:
    Fb shared link:

  12. Hello dear...
    Thanks for d awsm giveaway...
    M a big fan of ponds...

    compliments come in different forms.. some are for beauty,, some for nature... some are truth nd some are fake...
    But parents compliments are always frm heart.. wid lots of luv nd care...

    Most awsm compliment dat I had recieved was frm dad... on my 18th he gave a surprise gift along wid party... nd complimented me as most beautiful princess... nd best gift of his lyf...:)

    This was all bcoz of my glowing baby soft skin.. thanks to all trusted brands for dat lyk ponds...:)

    M done wid all d rules...
    Following on fb-
    Twitter - @princess_anshu
    Instagram -
    Google+ -

    Subscribed to blog-

    Shared on twitter-

    Shared on fb-

    Email id-

    Wish to win... thanks...:)

  13. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

    The best compliment i have received till now and also still receiving is that "I am soo young, after having a baby of 2 years." My age is 29, but still nobody says that i an 29. Everyone says that you do not seems to be a Mother. The best part is i am using Ponds Age Miracle Face Wash, Ponds Age Miracle Day Cream & Night Cream daily. I hope to get lucky with you and win them because they are a beautiful part of mine. Wish to win.

    Subcribed to your blog with email id -

    Following you on social medias:

    Facebook - Loveneeta Rajwani (Neeta)
    Instagram - @neetarajwani
    Twitter - @neetarajwani
    Pinerest - Neeta Rajwani
    Google+ - Neeta Rajwani

    Sharing daily on facebook & Twitter and tagging you too.

  14. Recently my SIL got married. We all had hectic work for several days. Last week she visited my house with her hubby. She told that every one is looking very tired in the photographs because of work. She told to my hubby that Madhini(Brother's wife) was also working. But she s looking like a fresh apple and glowing in the photos. When SIL gives compliment I hope it should be the best :) my mail id is

  15. Wonderful giveaway Rads.. the goodies are to die for :)

    I remember when I was at Canada and we were about to enter a casino and we were 5 of us and while entering, except me they left everyone inside and they asked me for an ID proof to check my age as they thought I was under the age limit to enter a casino :D I was all smiles since I was at my late twenties that time :) Since I didn't carry my wallet, they didn't let me in!
    I still blush and smile when I recollect that incident :) Though it was an embarrassing & disappointing moment at that time since I couldn't enter the casino, but it was the best compliment I have received till date & I definitely cherish that moment <3

    Name: Rekha Sriramagiri

  16. wow..!! It's such an amazing and 'miraculous' giveaway. I loved that cute tote bag with such a 'glittery' one liner. Loved that pretty 2015 planner too. I am a fan of Pond's and is using it's cold cream and body lotion from last 14-15 years. As I am still in my early twenties, so its bit early for me to try ponds age miracle but as soon as I'll cross 25, I am sure gonna use it. So, in case I'll win this huge giveaway, I'll gift the cream to my mum.
    Now coming to the questions:
    1) My skin care regime is pretty simple, blame it on my laziness. First I clean my face witj Cetaphil cleanser and then use Aroma Magic's Lavender Face wash. After Cleansing, I apply Moisturiser followed by Sunscreen Lotion. Repeat the same cleansing process in the night and apply Kama's Kumkumadi Tailam. I am totally loving it's after effect. As I have sensitive skin, so I exfoliate the face once in a week and use face masks/packs whenever I feel my skin needs some pampering. Basically I am damn lazy and careless when it comes to pampering the skin.
    Now comes the second and interesting question. Well I keep on compliments, sometimes its about my skin, sometimes for my hair or for my 24x7 smile. But the best-est compliment I have ever get was/is from my 'Mr.Perfect'. When he complimented me by saying that how my entry in his life has completed his life and I am the only girl with whom he wants to spend his entire life He said that I am and will always remain the most special and most beautiful girl for him. These lines from him makes me feel that I am the luckiest girl on this entire universe. This particular compliment by him means a lot for me. Infact I am still smiling while writing about him. :) :)

  17. I have followed you on Facebook (Saraswati Thakur), Twitter (saras_thakur), Instagram (saraswati_thakur), Pinterest (Saraswati Thakur), Google + (Saraswati Thakur), Google Friend Connect (Saraswati Thakur), subsvribed to your email subscription (, shared about this giveaway on Facebook and Twitter. Hoping for the best..!! :)


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