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Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation Review

Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation Review
Hello Girls,
I bought this foundation last year and believe me I used it only two to three times and the main reason is I bought 2 to 3 shades darker than my skin tone. When you have lot of foundations and found not much good with one will make you to put them on the stash under all the products, same happened with this foundation. I usually like Coloressence products and I have tried their eye pencils and lipsticks, I have to tell they are really good. That's why I bought this foundation though it is bit costlier. Let us see the review in detail...

About the Product:
best daily use liquid foundations
Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation Review
Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation Shade HDF 4
Price 590 RS for 30 ml
Shelf life 36 months
Available at selected shops in the cities and mainly at online shops
Product Description:
Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation makes the skin smooth and flawless. Its active ingredients helps to revitalize the skin and correcting the aging signs of the skin. Ideal for daily makeup use and professional with SPF 20, it covers skin's imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible.

Active Ingredients:
Vitamin E, Ethylhexyl Methoxy Cinnamate, Titanium Dioxide.

My Experience with Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation:
Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation Review
It comes in a cylindrical sturdy plastic package with a press open full cover black lid, the lid protects the pump dispenser of the foundation. It is actually small but made up looks lie a long bottle by the long lids. It is compact and travel friendly.

The Shade:
Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation Review
The brand named the foundation's shade by numbers and not by names, that's why I got confused a little bit and chosen a wrong shade. In my life first time I have chosen a darker shade for me instead of a lighter shade. This shade is opt for dusky beauties and when you see it in the package it looks like a medium shade and when you take out the foundation liquid it looks very dark than you expected.

The Texture and Smell:
Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation Review
The texture is really very runny liquid, I can call it a liquid foundation. When you pump out the foundation definitely you will get a lot of foundation on your hand than you expected. The smell is the big turn off point for me, I totally hate this foundation's smell, it is related to some chemical smell. I am totally a lover of pleasant fragrances.

My Take:
Actually in the first time I was so excited to try out this foundation, but when I found it is darker than my skin tone I have totally lost my interest on this products. Still I tried it for few times when I was badly tanned. This shade has strong yellow undertone and made my face looks like that I have applied turmeric on my face and there is no compact powder helped me to make it brighter. This foundation keep the skin soft and it does't settle down on the pores or fine lines. It keeps the skin hydrated for long time.
Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation Review
Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation Review
Regarding high definition I couldn't figure out anything special. This foundation keeps the skin glow until you wash it off. It has strong yellow undertone in it thus it transfers easily with the products which it come into contact with. It made my face oily within few hours during summer, but in winter it gave me a good glow. So, I come to a conclusion that this foundation is best suitable for normal to dry skin, so oily skin people better avoid it. It is easy to blend and best suitable for daily use. It covers the minor imperfections and gives medium coverage. Well I am not much impressed by this foundation.

My Likes with Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation:

  1. Travel and user friendly.
  2. It doesn't cause any break out.
  3. It doesn't clog pores.
  4. It doesn't settle on fine lines.
  5. Smoothens the fine lines and makes the skin glow.
  6. Hydrates the skin well.
  7. Light weight, easy to blend.
  8. Opt for daily use and gives medium coverage.
My Dislikes with Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation:
  1. Very runny texture.
  2. Chemical smell.
  3. Bit costlier.
  4. Could't find any high definition effect.
  5. Not for oily skin.
Final Thoughts:
Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation will be suitable for you if you have a normal to dry skin and searching for a good daiy use liquid foundation. Do give a try if you don't have oily skin and if you could find your perfect shade match...

Hope My Review is helpful...
By Radha


  1. Its funny when they say natural brand n smells like chemicals .. nice review Rads

  2. Nice review. This is probably a foundation I won't try.

  3. We have better options available under this price range.. won't ever buy this


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