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ZA True White Toner Review

ZA True White Toner Review
Review by Anandhi
Hello Friends,
I am Anandhi, Radha's friend and recently joined with IBZ team. I am a mother of two cute boys and like makeup and skin care a lot. Regarding toner, I am not a regular toner user and I use it very rarely. I have used Oriflame toner and other than that I didn't get much interest in using it regularly, so stopped using toner for sometime. But, this ZA True white toner impressed me a lot to use it regularly. Let us see the review in detail...

About the Product:

Best brightening toners
ZA True White Toner Review
ZA True White Toner
Price 650 Rs for 159 mlAvailable in online beauty stores...

Product Description:
This whitening toner gives you high whitening and moisturizing effects.
Whitening Effect
Suppresses melanization and diminishes dark spots, blemishes marks and patchines-whitening 4MSK, vitamin C
Moisturizing Effect
Removes excess skin surface cells and deeply hydrates skin
SPA ingredients White lily extracts

Dermatologically tested, non clogging to pores 

Water, Alcohol. Dipropylene Glycol. Potassium Methoxysalicylate. PEG/PPG-14/7 Dimethyl Ether. Trehalose. Betaine. Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. Magnesium Chloride. Lilium Candidum Bulb extract. Calcium Chloride. Glycerine. PPG-13-Decyltetradecth-24. Sodium Citrate. Butylene Glycol. Disodium EDTA. Citric Acid. Potassium Hydroxide. Tocopherol. Phenoxyethanol. Fragrance.

My Experience with ZA True White Toner:

ZA True White Toner Review
This toner comes in a sturdy white sleek plastic packaging with screw open lid. It is bit big but travel friendly.

The Colour, Texture and Smell:
ZA True White Toner Review
It is a colourless liquid looks like a water and smells very pleasant, I likes the smell a lot. It is a liquid obviously no greasy or oily like texture.

My Take:
I am using this toner after washing my face before applying my regular moisturizer. I use to apply it by a cotton wool dipped by this toner or sometimes if I am in hurry I will just take few drops of this toner and tab it on my face just using my fingers. This toner easily gets absorbed in my skin and makes it fresh and hydrated. Actually I have oily skin and have fair skin tone. But my skin was looking so dull. But after started using this toner my skin got clear and bright.
ZA True White Toner Review
ZA True White Toner Review
It helps to reduce the pores near to my nose. I have open pores due to oily skin. This toner helping a lot to keep my skin looking fresh and glowing. I love using it regularly and sometimes in my busy day today schedule I use to miss using this toner. But still the results continues and this makes me to use this toner without fail regularly. The fragrance of this toner is really refreshing and pleasant. Overall I like it a lot. 

My likes with ZA True White Toner:
  1. Easily gets absorbed into the skin
  2. No greasiness or oiliness after using this toner
  3. Provided large quantity which comes for long time
  4. Totally worth for the price
  5. Doesn't cause any allergy
  6. Will be suitable for all skin types
  7. Does makes the face bright
  8. Gives smooth and hydrated skin
  9. Reduces skin pores size
I absolutely loving this toner, so there is no dislikes from my side...

Final Thoughts:
ZA True White Toner is a wonderful toner which I love to use it regularly. The claims are true and the product is really effective, so I recommend this toner to all...

Hope My Review is Helpful
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By Anandhi

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