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Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm Review

Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm Review
Hello Beauties,

Lip balm is a must have product in your kitty for all over the season that too especially in this winter you can not avoid using it on your lips. In winter generally we use it often. So, if it is natural it will be safe for our lips. Omved is a herbal and natural brand that give us skin and hair care products which are very safe. Today I am going to review their cinnamon lip balm, let us see the review in detail...

About the Product:

Natural handmade lipblams
Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm Review
Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm 
Price 390 Rs for 8 gm
Shelf life 2 years
Available in online beauty shops...

Product Description:

Nothing mentioned in the package...

Kokum and Shea butter, almond and cinnamon oils.

My Experience with 
Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm:

Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm Review
This lip balm comes in a cute round flat metal dappa. It is a recyclable package. The lip balm's lid is not that much tight enough, so it should be covered by a cello tape for make it travel friendly. 

The Colour, Texture and Smell:

Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm Review
The cinnamon lip balm looks half white in colour. The texture is oily like balm, it looks solid but when you take it on your finger it turns into oily like liquid, it smells exactly like a cinnamon, but it is mild.

My Take:My lips tend to get dry and chopped if I didn't care it without applying lip balm. That's why I use to apply some natural oils on my lips often. I had skin peels on my lips because of harsh winter. After applying this lip balm within a day my lips got back to normal. It is easy to apply and it makes my lips simply pretty and shine. 

Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm Review

Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm Review
It is very helpful for dry and chapped lips for immediate recovery. The only thing I have noticed with this lip balm is I need to reapply it after few hours as it is an natural handmade lip balm and it doesn't have chemical ingredients which helps to make the lip balm to stay more time on lips. I mean there is no waxy feeling from this lip balm when you apply it on your lips. It is made up off from pure natural oils of cinnamon and almond, you can literally feel it when you using the product. Cinnamon has a property that it can remove lips tan and pigmentation when you use it properly. So, this lip balm is 100% natural and safe for you. 

My Likes with 
Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm:

  1. It is a 100% natural lip balm.
  2. You can use it as many as times you want.
  3. Goodness of cinnamon that can remove your lips pigmentation.
  4. Easy to apply.
  5. Cures dry and chapped lips soon.
  6. Keeps the lips hydrated and shiny.
  7. No annoying smell.
  8. Not tested on animals and a vegan product.
My Dislikes with Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm:
Though the duppa packaging looks cute, to make it travel friendly Omved has to change the packaging for its customers.

Final Thoughts:
Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm is a good lip balm which you can use it on your lips often without any hesitation, because it is natural and herbal that doesn't harm your lips as well as health by regular use. Natural handmade products lovers must try this lip balm...

Hope My Review is Helpful
By Radha

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  1. Not a huge fan of lip balms in a container like this but it sounds nice.

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  3. I love lip balms. it seems worth trying. Nice review Radha.

  4. This seems to be a nice lip balm and love the cinnamon in it, well reviewed Radha :)

  5. Seems like a nice product..........

  6. Looks yum n wonderful product n nice review rads

  7. The lip balm is lovely bt the price is a bit high,... nice review dear


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