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Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub Review

Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub Review
Hello Beauties,
Scrubs are the least product that I use in my skin care routine, due to my sensitive skin I can't use scrubs regularly. Though my skin neglects scrubs my mind always wants to try new scrubs. Due to my mind itch I bought this scrub because it is from Nature's Essence which has few effective products I have tried before. Let us see the review in detail...

About the Product:
golden scrubs
Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub Review
Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub
Price 175 Rs for 50 g
Shelf life 3 years
Available in Saravana Stores at Chennai, can buy at online...

Product Description:
This cream based cleansing scrub has special properties of golden dust, peppermint oil and orange oil which give deep cleansing effect, while giving a gentle scrubbing also, it's cleansing action  balances the pH of the skin, while gentle grains help in removing blackheads and dead cells.

Key Ingredients:
Walnut grains, Golden dust, Vit E, Aloe Vera juice

My Experience with Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub:
The packaging of this product is so attractive, as it is named golden scrub, the packaging also in golden colour. It comes in a tube with flip open cap. It is travel friendly.

The Colour, Smell and Texture:
This scrub's colour is pale yellow and it smells weird which I don't like it totally. The texture of the scrub is creamy with walnut scrub particles.

My Take:
I have used this scrub with lot of expectations. But the scrub utterly bitterly  disappointed me. I was hoping that it will have golden dust in it really. So, after cleansing my face I applied this scrub overall my face and neck, then I started scrubbing my skin for few minutes. After that I removed the scrub particles by using a wet sponge. After washing my face thoroughly I saw that my face got brighten immediately. But that brightness not even for few hours.
In addition the scrub left dry patches on my cheeks, which feel uneven when I touch. I immediately applied a moisturizer to the cheeks and all over the face.

I never thought that a scrub can make my oily face to dry. Also I have noticed that in my face a few glitter particles here and there which is called golden dust by them made my face yucky. When you use a scrub you will expect at least a clean and soft face, where this scrub made my face dry and sticky feeling. I totally hated it I have tried this product again in different situations to test, but all attempts are failure. Though the scrub particles looks mild and it is a cream based product, to my surprise the results are totally opposite from my expectations. This is not a golden dust scrub, it is only a scrub that contains dust.

My Likes Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub:
  1. The packaging is attractive
  2. Can brighten up the skin after use.

My Dislikes with Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub:
  1. The scrub is harsh for skin.
  2. It caused dry patches on my cheeks
  3. Not suitable for sensitive skin
  4. The brightening effect stays only for few hours
  5. Doesn't give a clean feel after using
  6. Only key ingredients mentioned
  7. No original golden dust present, they are annoying glitter particles which stays back after washing your face.
Final Thoughts:
Nature's Essence Gold Cleansing Scrub is totally a dud product, according to me it is a fake product marketed wrongly in the name of golden scrub. It doesn't even clean the face, so forget about the golden glow after using it.

Hope My Review is helpful
By Radha


  1. Whoops! That was a dud for sure.

  2. oh boy, this really looks like a dud of a product. nicely reviewed, Radha

  3. Bummer that this didn't work for you.

  4. I used it with the facial kit and I agree the particles are harsh!

  5. Aw bummer! thanks for the review dear xx

  6. Aww..that's bad...I also love the packaging.
    Great review

  7. Such dud ... hw the companies r fooling ppl nw a days.. nice review Rads

  8. Hey Radha,

    This scrub reminded me of Fem's gold scrub. I got a mini tub of it with Fem's bleach. That one also left glittery particles on my face. We expect golden glow and not glitters from such products.. Such a money waste it is!!


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