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CLOSED Giveaway-Win Ileana’s secret beauty hamper from Pond's White Beauty

UGiveaway-The New Pond’s White Beauty Daily Anti-Spot Fairness Cream
Get spot-less radiant skin with the new Pond’s White Beauty Daily Anti-Spot Fairness Cream. Now reduce spots and dark circles to reveal your spot-less glowing skin. Bollywood actress Ileana D’cruz is the face for the new range in India.
December 03, 2014: Today, just fair skin is not enough! Modern women, want skin that is not ravaged to dullness and desire bright, healthy skin. Pond’s, one of the world’s most trusted skincare brands, introduces the new Pond’s White Beauty Daily Anti-Spot Fairness Cream with GenWhite formula that reduces spots and dark circles to give you spot-less glowing skin in just 7-days. The beautiful Ileana D’cruz, will be the face of Pond’s White Beauty range in India.

Now unblock your inner glow with the new and improved Pond’s White Beauty Fairness Cream,available in all leading stores across the country. Pond’s White Beauty Fairness Cream is available in

7.7 gm Rs. 10, 20 gm Rs. 55, 25 gm Rs. 69, 35 gm Rs. 125, 50 gm Rs. 199

Giveaway Rules:
Share secret recipe for healthy skin and 10 lucky winners get to win Ileana’s secret beauty hamper from Pond's White Beauty.

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Contest starts from 22-12-14 to 29-12-14 
Winners will be Announced by  02-01-15

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  1. My secret recipe for a healthy skin is eating a lot of veggies & fruits, drinking lots of water to keep the skin hydrated and the most important thing is a good amount of beauty sleep everyday :)

  2. my secret recipe for healthy skin is ,cleansing ,toning and moisturising..i scrub my face twice a day followed by a face pack..and i eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits...and 12 glasses of water a day and a good 8 hours sleep tis regimen

  3. My secret recipe for healthy skin is use products with natural ingredients. I use a good face wash, and a moisturizer. I also use a scrub n face mask once a week.. apart from that drinking water and eating veggies also helps.. :)

  4. Lovely giveaway. :) My secret for healthy skin is Water. I drink a lot of water. It keeps my skin toned,clensed and hydrated. Healthy eating and sleeping habbits. Weekly once i apply paste made of orange peel powder, milk or curd and raw honey. This vitamin C rich face pack helps in rejuvenating, moisturising and gives that instant healthy glowing skin. <3 :)
    Email id-

  5. My secret to healthy skin is care from the inside and the outside. I wake up to drinking 1 litre of water every single day. I eat home-made nutritious meals. I have 3-4 servings of fruit and veggies daily. Cod liver oil capsules are a beauty must for me. I use skin oils more than beauty creams which are loaded with chemicals. My favourite oil currently is argan oil and olive oil for both face and hair. I also use dried orange peel powder mixed with Manukah honey as a face pack whenever I want my skin to be have a nice glow and to remove any acne marks. I always cleanse my face before I go to bed. And important thing I feel is to avoid junk and processed food which makes a huge difference to the skin. My email id is Wish you a Happy New year :)

  6. I believe that our healthy skin is a reflection of our inner strength...
    So to flaunt glowing skin at depest cell level, the most essential thing I do is to work on my THOUGHT PROCESS that means I make an attempt of not getting stressed for petty matters in daily life.....Secondly, wholesome diet planned as per my body's requirements is religiously eaten without any excuse to skip any of my meals.... lastly, a gentle 5-minute CTM routine (using trusted skin care products) to pamper my skin is sufficient to let the skin breath n smile.Other than this regular skin care regimen, when i'm in a hurry i prefer rubbing a mixture of milk cream and haldi powder for instant supple feel and freshness on my face as well as other body parts. And hence I enjoy savings for not buying expensive beauty products as well as get compliments from everyone :)

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  7. Hi Radha...
    A wonderful giveaway indeed...
    Beauty, as the saying goes, is only skin deep. But the importance of healthy and beautiful skin goes a lot deeper...Skin remains healthy when u r happy...So my basic funda is to keep myself occupied with work that made me feel happy...My secret receipe for healthy skin includes a Green Tea in which anti oxidants helps to make my skin more radiating...I usually avoid using too much makeup but ends up in my kitchen for certain beauty hacks..One of my favourite among them which i does almost every alternative day is Mix besan with tomato, curd, honey, lemon juice, and rose water. Apply this mixture and wash off with water after 30 minutes. Avoid using soap....It leads to a healthy and glowing skin...
    I believe everything else works only when u feel happy,u feel smiling..So the greatest and bestest recepie is to keep yourself happy which will itself keep u more youthful and energetic...
    Email id is
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    Hope to be lucky...

  8. My secret recipe is to eat lots of fresh fruits and plenty of water.. i love drinking water Sooooo much... also I apply home ade paste too in which I mix curd n besan... works great for me... n my skin care products... n the top most product is johnsons baby cream... n ponds face wash.. totally love it...

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  9. Clean skin is healthy ski. I never aim at fairness instead I look out for ways to make my complexion appear even toned. CTM along with a weekly scrub is good enough for me. KEY RULE, no makeup on at night. Also, at night, women in their twenties can smear a thin layer of olive oil and take steam to help it get into your skin. This is the least expensive anti ageing treatment that you can start with. Also, go for natural fruit packs made out of papaya and crushed berries to fight free radicals. Lastly, sleep well, eat well and stay positive!!

  10. i forgot to mention my email id is
    fb id :apoorva dhuper link :
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  11. Applying and massaging olive oil + almond oil on the skin will ensure my skin's softness. Weekly once I use to put besan+lemon juice few drops+turmeric+milk face pack. This will helps to exfoliating my skin and imports brighter skin.

  12. Thankyou for this amazing Giveaway 'Ileana’s secret beauty hamper from Pond's White Beauty' :)
    Coming to the secret recipe for my healthy skin,I do yoga in the morning and go for a walk for atleast 20 minutes in the evening. I also meditate and I try to be as much positive ang grateful for my life as much as i can. (Thanx to Baba Ramdev and Brahmakumaris). Not does it gives healthy skin, but gives a healthy 'ME.'
    Plenty water Intake and less tea and coffee also help in geving me a healthy skin.
    I follow CTM (Cleaning, Toning, Moisturising) routine and at night i massage undereye area,my face, my hands and my feet with almond oil in winters and use Aloe Vera in summers.
    Pond's is my favourite brand and Pond's Dreamflower Talc, Pond's White Beauty BB Cream are my all time favourite. I apply Ponds BB cream and I am all ready to go out and shine like a Diva.
    So, that's my secret to a healthy, soft, flawless skin.
    Would love to win this Giveaway. Thankyou :)
    Love ang light.
    Bhavya Nerchehal
    Twitter: @NerchehalBhavya

  13. My secret recipe for my healthy skin is to be using natural products to look beautiful :)
    what i am following is kasthuri manjal+ honey +& finally Curd mix it well and apply it on the face for 15 minutes wash it with warm water :)

    Tada ^_^ Result is to be more fairness & Brighting skin

    Thanks for the chance ^_^

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    Facebook: Bhavani Sekar
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  14. I can't edit.
    errr.. I made these errors:
    positive and* grateful
    helps* in giving*
    I have shared this amazing Giveaway and here are the links;
    As it says, reduces spots and dark circles to give you spot-less glowing skin in just 7-days.. wohh.. am super excited to win this hamper :)

  15. Hi........Thnx for hosting this awesome giveaway....... :D

    My beauty secret is that i use a face mask of grated cucumber and rose water....This keeps my skin looking fair and clear....

    Have followed all the required rules:
    My fb name: neha mishra
    email id:
    twitter: @neha01237

  16. Hi Radha,

    Thanks for the giveaway. My beauty routine is very simple. I always try to pick natural organic products. I believe in home made items that are skin friendly. I have oily skin. I refrigerate water by adding few drops of tea, lemon or aloe and I use the ice to rub my face and to keep on my eyes. I find it soothing and relaxing.

    I also use a cooling foot rub. I add a few drops of peppermint oil to fresh cream or any lotion and give a massage to the feet after a long tiring day.This cooling foot rub not only cools down my tired feet, but also give me more energy.

    3/4 coffee grounds, 1/4 brown sugar and a dash of olive oil in paste form works well as a skin scrub Exfoliates like wonder and get rids of dry skin and dead cells!

    For moisturizing, coconut oil is my preferred choice.

    Done all the steps
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    Facebook- ISWARYA LAXMI
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  17. Thank u for this oppurtunity :)
    My secret for healthy skin is to keep it clean and fresh. I use an exofoliating scrub once a week. And to get instant glow i use milk ice cubes on face :) its quick and easy and leaves my skin feeling fresh

    Subscribed email:
    Facebook: Hameetha Nasreen
    Twitter: @magicaldewdrop


  19. yaaay, thank you. such good news :)

  20. Thnq sooo much ............... :D


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