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Skin Care Haul with Aroma Treasures,Oxyglow,Vedicline and Nutriglow

Skin Care Haul with Aroma Treasures, Oxyglow Vedicline and Nutriglow
Hello Beauties,
As the winter has started recently, I am in need of new skin care products to maintain a hydrated good skin. My skin is so sensitive and it will easily breakout and get dry for weather changes. In summer my skin will be oily and it will easily turn into combination to dry during winters. So, I use to change my skin care products accordingly. But anytime I prefer to use natural and paraben free products. This time I did shopping with Jabong for skin care products. They have good offers in beauty products too, so I have decided to shop with them. Let us see about the Haul and products in detail...

What I bought from Jabong:
Skin care products at Jabong
Skin Care Haul with Aroma Treasures,Oxyglow,Vedicline and Nutriglow

I have bought

  1. Aroma Treasures Grape see carrier Oil
  2. Aroma Treasures Rosewood Essential Oil
  3. Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash
  4. Nutriglow Jojoba Facial Scrub
  5. Oxyglow Sun cover Cream SPF 30
  6. Vedicline Choco Cherry Mud Pack

1. Aroma Treasures Grape Seed Carrier Oil:
Generally I use Olive oil or almond oil for face massage during winter, because oil massage for face is important for me during dry weather. I was thinking about essential oils or facial massage for long time. Finally this time decided to do it practically. But, for essential oils we need a carrier oil always. So I bought this Aroma Treasures Grape seed Oil as a carrier oil for facial massage. I have started using it already and detailed review will be up on blog after a month.

2. Aroma Treasures Rosewood Essential Oil:
The next part is Essential oil, I was in deep search for which essential oil would be suitable for my requirements. I was doing google research about essential oils and found Rosewood oil would be better for me. Because my skin is sensitive and acne prone and also matured one. I was in great dilemma about selecting a good essential oil for me, because all essential oils are good, but we should be very cautious that which one will be suitable for us. I found Rosewood will fulfill my skin needs, so bought it, also started using it.

3. Aroma Tresures Lavender Face Wash:
I was using Aromamagic Lavender face wash and somehow Aroma Treasures is related to it, so bought this face wash. I am yet to try this face wash, but hope it will be good. The packaging and texture of the face wash is different from aroma magic one.

4. Nutriglow Jojoba Facial Scrub:
I don't scrub my face often and also I use only homemade scrubs mostly on my face. During winter I need to exfoliate my skin and at the same time need some pampering after exfoliation. When I saw this scrub with jojoba name, immediately tempted to try it though the brand is new to me. I have already started using it and feeling so good, detailed review will be up on the blog soon.

5. OxyGlow Sun cover Cream SPF 30:
I have seen this brand somewhere in local beauty parlors, but I was not sure about to try it at that time. I don't go out during peek hot day time mostly. Because my skin tend to get tan and sunburn easily. But, in some unavoidable situation I need to go out in day time, I use sunscreen creams before going out. In winter we don't need much SPF, so I bought SPF 30 sunscreen from this Nutriglow, I am yet to start using it. But the smell of this sunscreen is so good.

6. Vedicline Choco Cherry Mud Pack:
I must say this face pack is something very delicious one which I never came across such product. I want a hydrating and moisturizing face pack for me. So, I chosen this face pack and really enjoying it, will share the detailed review soon.

Hope you liked my Skin care Haul...
by Radha


  1. would love to read full reviews on the products
    Keep in touch

    1. Thanks dear will share the full review dear sure...

  2. Great haul Radha! Mud pack looks good. :)

  3. wonderful haul rads... waiting for the reviews now...

  4. Vow nice haul.. loved the items.. review them soon dear :)

  5. Awesome haul rads..waiting for ur reviews darlin...:*

  6. Lovely haul Rads! I loved lavender face wash! Its really good on skin!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Megs, I loved the aroma very much...

  7. Lovely haul sweety. That choco mask looks awesome, do review that first :)


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