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Lakme Enrich Satins lipstick 150 Review, Price details and Swatches

Lakme Enrich Satins lipstick 150 Review, Price details and Swatches
Hello Girls,
This Lakme Enrich Satins lipsticks are very famous among beauty bloggers and college girls, to say which lipstick is best and affordable better than ELLE 18 we all will nominate this Lakme Enrich Satins lipsticks. I have bought a peachy coral shade from this range one year ago and don't ask why you didn't review it still, because there are lot of stuffs waiting to be reviewed still. This lipstick which I have bought recently four months back. I am using it often for this beautiful mauve pink hues given by this lipstick on my lips. Let us see the Review in detail...

About the Product:
Best affordable pink lipsticks
Lakme Enrich Satins lipstick 150 Review, Price details and Swatches
Lakme Enrich Satins lipstick 150 
Price 225 Rs 4.4 gms
Available easily in all offline beauty stores and in online beauty shopping...

Product Description:
Nothing find on the package...

Nothing mentioned on the package...

My Experience with Lakme Enrich Satins lipstick 150:
Lakme Enrich Satins lipstick comes in a beautiful silky maroon sturdy usual lipstick plastic package. I love the package very much, it is pretty handy and you can carry it with you anywhere you want.

The Shade, Pigmentation and Texture:
Lakme Enrich Satins lipstick 150 is a beautiful pink and slightly looks like mauve pink shade. I am sure this shade will be suitable for all Indian skin tones including dusky beauties. It has light golden shimmers in it which makes the shade gorgeous. The texture is absolutely smooth and silky. The soft bullet of the lipstick glides on the lips without any tugging problem and spreads evenly on the lips.

The Pigmentation is super good for this affordable price tag. One to two swipes gives you beautiful shiny pink lips and one more swipes makes the lips slightly on mauve pink lips which I like most.

My Take:I love to wear this lipstick all the time when I want to wear a lipstick. This lipstick shade makes my face bright and slight plump look for my lips. Because it has creamy texture the shimmers or the lipstick doesn't settles on the lip's fine lines. But, the only problem with this lipstick is the golden shimmers will stay on your lipsticks even after the lipstick completely washout from your lipstick.

The lipstick survives on the lips for more than 4 hours if you don't take any food. After that it leaves a beautiful pink tint on your lips and this will visible for only non pigmented lips mostly. I have pigmented upper lips which doesn't show any sheer lipsticks. But luckily my lower lips are pretty fine and shows the tint very well. This lipstick doesn't dry the lips and keeps the lips well hydrated for sometime. But I have noticed that this lipstick transfers badly on other things which touched by your lips. This lipstick due to its soft creamy texture it tends to melt easily in hot summers, so I use to keep it in the refrigerator.

Overall this is a beautiful shade and every college and office going girls and ladies should try it once. This is a beautiful shade that suits everybody well.

My Likes with Lakme Enrich Satins lipstick 150:
  • Easily Available
  • Travel friendly
  • Soft and creamy texture.
  • Good Pigmentation.
  • Stays for lips or decent time.
  • Beautiful shimmers makes your lips look plump and shiny.
  • Beautiful pink shade.
  • Best for daily wear.
My Dislikes with Lakme Enrich Satins lipstick 150:
  • After a meal the lipstick will completely goes away from your lips.
  • Melting easily.
  • Shimmers stays on the lips which you need to remove separately.
My Final Thoughts:
Lakme Enrich Satins lipstick 150 is a good beautiful daily wear pink and apart from the dislike points it is an awesome affordable lipstick with good pigmentation.

Hope My Review is helpful,
by Radha...


  1. Beautiful shade bt i still love Elle 18 :P they are ok for the price ;)

    1. Yeah they are more affordable than Lakme but pigmentation wise this is a scorer dear :D

  2. Omgeeee Radha the shade is very pretty. ... very well reviewed sweetie :*

    1. Yes dear it is indeed a pretty shade <3 Thanks Shreya <3

  3. I agree Rads..these are certainly very affordable lippies! Love them :)
    Beautifully reviewed dear!!

    1. Thanks Richa dear <3 they have amazing shade collections...

  4. I admire the shade but definitely not suited for my skin. Wish they bring back Lakme brand over here again.

    1. Hi Navs why not this shade suits you as well dear <3

  5. I had 2 shades from this range... used to love them a lot.. Lakme enrich range is awesome for everyday wear..

  6. My mom used to love this range. This is a lovely shade <3

  7. Most lipsticks don't stay longer as they promise. This one too..

  8. Great review, love the shade but Shimmer is not my cup of tea hahha

  9. Pretty shade ...great review sweetie

  10. Pretty shade! I like these lipsticks..they are well priced, easily available and have some great shades :)

  11. I love d shade...nice review rads

  12. I agree Radha..these shades are really pretty but melts badly

  13. Looks nice! This must be good for office wear.
    Do join my giveaway rads! It is a jewellery subscription box :)

  14. This range of lakme lipstick is awesome.. Nice review :)


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