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Fem Gold Fairness Creme Bleach Review, Price and Picture Details

Fem Gold Fairness Creme Bleach Review, Price and Picture Details
Hello Beauties,
Bleaching!!! I am afraid of doing it on my sensitive skin always. But, some special occasions forced me to do bleach some times. I have done bleaching in my life only very few time. The very first time I did bleach on my face during my wedding time. After 6 years in between I did herbal bleach one time in a beauty parlor. After that few months back I got to go my SIL's family gathering function. So, I have decided to do the bleach again, but this time myself in home. I have heard  good things about this bleaching cream from Fem, so bought it and did bleach myself in home. Let us see the Review in detail...

About the Product:
Best bleaching creams
Fem Gold Fairness Creme Bleach Review, Price and Picture Details
Fem Gold Fairness Creme Bleach 
Price 59 Rs for 24 gms
Shelf life One and half years
Available in all offline stores also in online
Product Description:
What is new in Fem Gold Fairness Creme Bleach? 
New Fem Gold is enriched with real Gold to give you an instant long lasting golden glow.
A question always arises in the minds of first time users about how to use bleach safely. Becauase they tend to get confused with the mixing ratio of the creme and the activator powder. Understanding this problem, Fem introduces an innovative Fem safe use spoon, a pre-measured spoon for both creme and activator powder. Fem safe use spoon ensures a safe and convenient bleaching experience. With Fem Gold Fairness Creme Bleach enjoy healthy fairness with care. 
Turmeric is an ancient bleaching agent that lightens skin with a healthy glow. Turmeric is known to have antiseptic properties minimizes skin irritation and is suited for all skin type. 

How to Use:

My Experience with Fem Gold Fairness Creme Bleach:
The package comes in very handy small plastic container. One big plastic container has the creamy bleaching creme and the small plastic container contains activator powder. The measured spoons are smaller and big one respectively for activator and the bleach creme. Everything packed with this bleaching creme set as well planned, like you can use it at any time easily. 

The Texture, Colour and Smell:
The texture of the bleaching creme is creamy and the activator is in powder form with golden shimmer particles. Both of them looks light yellow in colour and smells mild. 

My Take:
Be it herbal whatever it is, I was in big dilemma to apply it on my face. So, I took a very small quantity of bleaching creme and the activator and mixed well and then applied it on my skin near by ear part to do a patch test. After confirming there is no side effects or allergy on that part, with full confident I did apply it on my whole face with mentioned methods. 
I expected some irritation but surprisingly there was no irritation and other reaction. After washing it I felt very smooth and soft skin of my skin with subtle glow. I didn't have a urge to apply a moisturizer cream too. It hydrated my skin as well and yes I have noticed my face has got good brightness. I loved the total effects on my skin because of this Fem Gold Fairness Creme Bleach. It has bleached my facial hair well and makes the face looks good with visible brightness. 
I found this Fem Gold Fairness Creme Bleach is a mild herbal product that suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin. The brightness stayed for long time.

My Likes with Fem Gold Fairness Creme Bleach:
  • It is pretty affordable and easily available.
  • Travel friendly.
  • No irritation or allergy.
  • Brightens skin well.
  • Gives glow to to skin.
  • Mild smell.
  • Suitable for all skin.
Absolutely loved this Fem Gold Fairness Creme Bleach, no Dislikes at all...

My Final Thoughts:
Fem Gold Fairness Creme Bleach is a very good bleaching creme to use to bleach your skin in home. I loved it and looking forward to use it again soon. This makes skin bright with glow.

Hope My Review is Helpful...
by Radha...


  1. I have tried the pink one Rads.. nw i will try this sometime.. Nice review Dear :D

  2. I hardly ever try a bleach as my skin is too sensitive, this sounds decent though. Good to see you back! :)

  3. Nice....would love to try it sometime :)

  4. Its my fav too but I do it only on my upper lips in case of emergency! Lovely review Rads :)

  5. I have never used a bleach, but if i have to do, i will check this one out

  6. I have used this one..great review sweetie ..
    happy diwali dear ♡♡♡


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