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Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Liquid Cleanser Review

Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Liquid Cleanser Review
Hello Beauties,
If you ask me what is the hardest task in the world for girls... I will tell that finding a perfect face wash, creams, foundations for them is the hardest task in this world, isn't it? and another question have you found your's? I am not sure I did. Even If I found my perfect face wash, I use to search for some better face wash. The process is going on... Today I am going to review Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Liquid Cleanser, which is one of my favourite face wash, I think most of the oily skin girls will love this facial cleanser. Let us see the Review in detail...

About the Product:
Face wash for oily skin
Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Liquid Cleanser Review
Price 299 Rs for 150 ml
Shelf life 3 Years
Available easily through offline store and in online shops
Product Description:
Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Liquid Cleanser is a pure, clean- rinsing facial cleanser for clean and soft skin. Hypoallergenic formula is dermatologist proven to be mild and leave no pore clogging residue.


My Experience with Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Liquid Cleanser:
The packaging of this face wash is user friendly but not travel friendly. I totally pissed of in this point, when I wanted to bring this with me during travel, I couldn't manage to close the lid and pack it properly. So much face wash liquid got wasted. They should consider the packaging problem and I know there are small bottles available in this face wash, but not sure whether it has cap closing or the same pump dispenser... So, I hate the packaging.

The Texture, Smell and Colour:
The face wash is runny light brown liquid and remembers me my kid's Johnson&Johnson Shampoo, it looks almost same like this. The smell is very mild and good one.

My Take:
I have used this face wash twice a day and liked it a lot. This face wash is perfect one for summer. It keeps the skin fresh and hydrated. It lathers very well and easy to wash. There is no greasy feeling after wash. It leaves the face completely clean and soft. But, it doesn't control oiliness for long hours. Also I won't agree this is a mild face wash as the brand claims, because it has SLS in it which is not good for long term use for sensitive skin. The SLS thing tend to dry the skin slowly, which I have experienced with this face wash. I have oily and sensitive skin, I use to avoid SLS contain products mostly.

Once the summer got finished the face wash started to dry out my sensitive face slightly. So I have stopped using it. But, there is no allergy reaction because of this face wash or break out problems as it is hypoallergenic. This face wash cleanse the makeup very well. I came to a conclusion about this face wash that it is very suitable for oily skin people, if you have sensitive skin you cannot use it for long term and dry skin people better to stay away from this face wash.
Over all it is a good product and the concept of mild cleanser is totally wrong.

My Likes with Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Liquid Cleanser:
  • Lathers well and cleanse the skin well.
  • Best face wash for oily skin.
  • Easily available,
  • Comes for really long time.
  • Compare to the quantity it is affordable.
  • Pleasant smell.
My Dislikes with Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Liquid Cleanser:
  • It is not at all travel friendly.
  • It has SLS which not opt for sensitive skin.
  • Long term use may dry out your skin.
  • Not for dry skin.
Final Thoughts:
Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Liquid Cleanser is a good cleanser for oily skin people and those who have dry skin, sensitive skin are better to avoid this face wash for long term use. This face wash helped me to get rid of small pimples before two years, now acting weird, I think skin is getting matured.

Hope My Review is helpful...
by Radha...


  1. Sounds and looks like a great cleanser!

  2. I have oily-combination skin, and neutrogena face washes always fare well on it :) Beautifully reviewed dear !

  3. Sound great...nice review rads ..
    Love the clicks too

  4. Nice review thanks for sharing, in fact I have tried something little for Neutrogenas range product!

  5. this looks good for oily skin! Lovely review dear!

  6. Nicely reviewed! I love their Sunscreen!

  7. Though I have a dry and sensitive skin...still this has never let me down!!!
    Nice review btw :)

  8. Neutogena is a brand I can't get enough of. very affordable and truly working

  9. This did not suit me at all :(

  10. Try patanjali saundarya facewash..its free from SLS though very sure u'll like it try

  11. I really like Neutrogena. I used to use it a lot previously though now I am into trying a lot more different brands.
    Thanks Rads! :)


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