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Maybelline Drama Gel Eye Liner Review and Swatches

Maybelline Drama Gel Eye Liner Review and Swatches
Review by Neha Satija
Hi Girls,
I am back with another Maybelline product review, now this is a highly raved product, let me tell you how it fared on me, Let us see the detailed review below with my Eye swatches and the product pictures...

About the Product:
Gel eye lines
Maybelline Drama Gel Eye Liner Review and Swatches
Price: Rs 410 (about it’s price I would say it is decently priced comparing to all other gel eyeliners available in India, this eyeliner will last you a long time)
Quantity: 2.8 g
Shade: 01 black
Available easily in all beauty shops and Maybelline outlets, also in online beauty shops...

Product Description:


My Experience with Maybelline Drama Gel Eye Liner:
I am a sucker for cute packaging, the tub is so tiny and cute, the tub is made up of plastic type material, I am glad it is not made up of glass, it comes with a black carton which mentions the packaging date, expiry date, what the company says and directions for use, made in china is written on the back.
I always wanted to buy a gel eyeliner as their is no liquid eyeliner that stayed farely well on me, also the concept of a gel eyeliner tempts me, and specially this one it is so cute and small, Maybelline is very close to my heart and it is one of my favourite cosmetics brand, it’s affordable and never disappoint me in terms of quality, no matter how many other products I buy I always buy a Maybelline product with it, my shopping is incomplete without it.
Coming back to the review, my friend has this and when she told me how much she is satisfies with this product, I was allured to buy this, it comes with it’s own brush which is quite useful, it is stiff, soft and does not shed, which means it is made up of high quality but according to my preference it is a bit thick also I would like to mention that the cap is made up of cheap aluminium let me show you picture of the brush that comes along with it,it is a sleek short brush with bristles that are tapered, soft and densely packed, I like my eyeliner brushes to be round like nail art brush, I also prefer angled brushed that are used to fill in eyebrows

The Pigmentation:

It is jet black, very pigmented and buttery smooth in texture, let me elaborate the texture furthermore, it is not gritty not chunky and soft to touch, about pigmentation is also impressive, the only thing that I dislike about it is not a complete package you need to buy a separate eyeliner brush (vega has one) atleast for people like me who like their eye liner to be medium not thick nor very thin, this brush gives a very thick line which I dislike and looks too overpowering, about the staying power if you do not rub it then it does stay upto 10 hours, it is not completely waterproof when wet and rubbed this does fade away but I am not complaining

let me sum up the pros and cons

Pros of Maybelline Drama Gel Eye Liner:
1.decent pricing, Maybelline always come up with decently priced cosmetics they don’t price their stuff
crazily,okay enough praising
2.creamy texture
3.well pigmented
4.stays well though the waterproof and 24 hour claim is not completely true
5.other shades also available in the new swirl gel liner (brown/gold and black/silver)
6.ingredients list mentioned
7.I have used it on my waterline and it did not sting(though not recommended) though their is no colored eye liner options available
8.brush is provided
9.decent quantity
10.budge proof upto some extend
11.I have this for less then a year and it has not dried up yet, infact it is as creamy and smooth as it was in the beginning
12.the brush provided with it can be used for detailing at the tear duct area a matte finish which I prefer over glossy finish

Cons of Maybelline Drama Gel Eye Liner:
1.colorful shades are not available in india atleast a brown color should be realised for daily use aluminium cap
3.brush is not useful for me but it is of good quality i assure you:)
4.tall claims about retaining for 24 hours (let me tell you I slept with this eyeliner on just for the review purpose and it was missing from some places in the morning)

My Rating:4.2/5

do I recommend this product:yes,I do,if you are like me and don't want spend your money on a mac or Inglot gel eyeliner then close your eyes walk to the nearest Maybelline counter and say “I want the Maybelline drama gel eyeliner”, repeat with me “I want the Maybelline drama gel eyeliner”:D

Hope you enjoyed my Review
Bye girls, see you again in my next Review
by Neha Satija...


  1. Nicely Reviewed, I haven't used any gel liners till date....

  2. Nice review! Looks like a nice basic eyeliner.

  3. Maybelline comes up with great stuff!
    Nice review :)

  4. Hve heard a lot about it. Its ooking awesome on u :)

  5. That was a nice detailed review.. well u can use the brush for something else:D

  6. I have used it and still using..its amazing! Great review! :)

  7. I am wearing it today.. its a very good gel liner

  8. It is amazing! I am currently using this! :)


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