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Elle 18 Lipstick Pink Delight Review and Swatches

Elle 18 Lipstick Pink Delight Review and Swatches
Review Neha Satija
Hello Beauties,
After my Review on Maybelline color tatto bold gold today I am going to review a lipstick that I bought along with it, it is from the brand Elle 18, if you are not familiar with this brand then let me tell you it is a from our very own lakme and it specially targets teenagers, it attracts teenagers because of it’s affordable price, like Streetwear from Revlon. some of the Elle 18 products are really good, they allure me to buy them like their lipstick their nail paints,oh forget it every makeup stuff tempt me. okay so let us get straight ahead into the review...

About the Product:
Best pink lipsticks
Elle 18 Lipstick Pink Delight Review and Swatches
Price: Rs 100
Quantity: 4.3 ml (that is a bit too much for a lipstick which is so affordable)
Shelf life: 30 months from packaging
Shade:pink delight
Available easily at offline beauty stores and online beauty shopping...

Product Description:


My Experience with Elle 18 Lipstick Pink Delight:
It has a funky girl picture on it (without a nose and pouty lips) it has a pink band right above where it shuts and also the packaging date is mentioned along with the bar code,which is a big yeah, I mean who remembers that in which month I bought that lipstick,and it is most probably the time to throw it away coming to the review,the quality of this lipstick is good,it does not melt down and staying power is also
impressive considering it’s price,it stays for around 2-3 hours, the finish is quite glossy and i assure you it is moisturizing.
Coming to the shade it is the one of the best shades is my collection,it is a reddish pink it is a bit loud so I would suggest keeping the rest of the makeup minimal specially eyes:)

The shade, Pigmentation and Swatches:
It shuts close with a snap sound,TIP:to make it look completely matte applying just a touch of mattyfying
translucent powder to your lips,i like the packaging it is a classy black packaging,it does look cheap while
holding in hand but that is alright it looks chic according to me.

The finish is a bit matte than the other Elle 18 lipsticks,also it is more pigmented,although I would recommend refracting your lipsticks it prevents it from melting gives a cooling effect to the lips and also it does improve the shelf life of the lipstick.

coming to the pros and cons:

Pros of Elle 18 Lipstick Pink Delight:
1. Nice red based pink shade
2. Wide array of colors,their is something for everyone
3. Texture is smooth and soft,no tugging or pulling
4. Affordable
5. Sturdy packaging
6. Shade names and number are provided
7. Presence of cocoa butter
8. Stays for a good 2-3 hours with small meals in between
9. Nice cocoa butter fragrance
10. Pigmentation is good
11. Does not crazily melt,it is a bit more solid than the other more sheer elle 18 lipsticks
12. Leaves a beautiful tint after fading
13. No shimmers
14. Does not bleed

Cons of Elle 18 Lipstick Pink Delight:
1. The pretty shades just vanishes within minutes from the store
2. If i wish that staying power should be improved and it should survive a full meal,then i am asking for too much
3. This particular shade will look good on fair skin beauties only
4. This shade is a bit loud in my opinion but you can always use the dab dab motion to get just a stain:)
5.The fragrance might be bothersome for sensitive noses but personally I never had any problem

My Rating:4/5

Until next time girls, keep your seat belts tight as I am going to get you girls through a ride of my makeup product reviews, I will be coming up with loads of other reviews, covering eyes, lips, cheeks, face will I repurchase yes I will unless the price of this lipstick start touching the sky.

Final Verdict:
It is such a good products for an affordable price,it amazed me. So I suggest all of you should try these lipsticks once in your life.

by Neha Satija


  1. Nice FOTD dear... Loved the shade on you...

  2. What a fun color. It really brightens the complexion too.

    1. yes lisa,it is a fun color:),do get yourself one;)

  3. thank you so much radha di,your comments always makes my day:)

  4. Such a pretty shade dear ... well reviewed !

  5. I like the shade.. nice review dear... will get it :)

  6. Nice review. I quite liked the shade :)

  7. Its a Gorgeous Hue :)
    Looks Lovely on You Girl ^_^


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