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Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Khol Peacock Green Review and Swatches

Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Khol Peacock Green Review and Swatches
Review by Swatikaa
Hello Beauties,
Who doesn't love coloured eye liners? I adore them though I don’t wear them often ( Blame my city :P) they are so much fun to wear and add that hint of color to the eyes <3 today’s review is about a gorgeous sea green color which turned out to be my favorite spring color of the year. Though I don’t reach for this shade often is till like it because its Maybelline <3.

About the Product:
Maybelline makeup
Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Khol Peacock Green Review and Swatches
PRICE: Rs.325
QUANTITY: 0.3 gm (!!!!)
SHELF LIFE: 36 months 

Product Description:
Brighter and bolder colors in an eye liner

High intensity now in a liner! Brighter and bolder colors in an eye liner.

• Bold color pigments creates high color impact
• High crystalline wax keeps the colors from fading and keeps the liner smudge-proof and long lasting.

Look at the image below

My Experience with Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Khol Peacock Green:
Wow!!! I love the packaging <3 it comes in a simple shiny black packaging with a colored cap. yay yay!! Eye liner shade and the cap color is same, which means you don’t need to be searching for them in your eyeliner stash during those hasty mornings :D also this khol comes in a retractable form which makes them super economical as these needs no sharpening.

Texture, Pigmentation and Staying Power of the Product:

The texture of these eye pencils are smooth but definitely not buttery that just glides so effortlessly. The pigmentation is medium. It is not intensely pigmented which is disappointing. You would need to swipe it atleast thrice to get the original color. On my oily lids I keep swiping the color more than that to get the actual color. The staying power is pretty good. It stays for 6 hours on my super oily lids. On my waterline it stayed for about 3 hours maximum.

The Shade:
The shade is another disappointment. “Peacock green” is a gorgeous sea green with a metallic sheen. It is gorgeous only to look at. And on my eyes I somehow don’t find it flattering at all. May be it will suit fair skintones, but on my medium skintone is looks unflattering. And the metallic sheen makes it stand out when applied. I can only use it as a base for my pastel green eyeshadows :-/ I think the other colors from this range will definitely will look on our Indian skin tones.

PROS of Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Khol Peacock Green:
• Easy on pocket (though pricey, still remains affordable!)
• Nice packaging
• Good staying power
• Easily available
• Smooth texture
• Decent pigmentation

CONS Of Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Khol Peacock Green:
• Unflattering shade!!
• Need to swipe atleast twice to get the color

MY RATING: 2.5/5


 No I don’t. Though it is very affordable and has got many pros I still don’t recommend it for the shade. The metallic sea green doesn’t look flattering on most Indian skin tones. But I recommend to try the other shades available in this range.

Hope My Review will be helpful...
Thanks for Reading and do share your thoughts on this product...
by Chinky


  1. Pigmentation could have been better. But excellent review dear :)

  2. I like coloreud eyeliner, I'm just need to practice myself!

  3. thats a really pretty shade! looks beautiful on your eyes!

  4. I love their packaging.. will check these out

  5. i have the purple shade. this shade would wash me out but is looking lovely on u!

  6. I loved your EOTD sad you don't like it much :(

  7. This range from Maybelline wasn't too impressive. Nice review and your eotd.


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