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The Secret to Long Lasting Radiance This Monsoon by Lakme

The Secret to Long Lasting Radiance This Monsoon

The much awaited monsoon season is finally here, promising us a break from the scorching summer. Even though it gives us respite from the heat, rain-showers can leave us with unwanted skin problems like oily skin, uneven skin tone and sometimes even dry skin. And we can all agree that nothing makes more heads turn than naturally radiant skin. But how do you combat the unexpected showers that don’t let your makeup stay intact?
Skin, unlike other organs of your body, can be directly nourished with moisturizers and healthy potions. For this reason alone, there is absolutely no reason you can't have healthy and glowing skin throughout your life. Yes, even during the monsoon! Take these tips from our Lakmé experts for naturally radiant skin and keep your make up intact for longer before stepping out this season!

1. Follow a routine:
Whatever you do for your skin’s glow, do it regularly. Your skin needs to get used to the care and nourishment for it to have lasting results. The glow on your skin is a result of how you take care of it. Even if you are leading a busy life, don’t compromise your skin care for anything. Use your sunscreen, moisturizers, serums and face wash regularly.

2. Wash your face well before you step out:
It is very important to wash your face well to remove all the dirt that it collects, whether indoors or outdoors. Your skin needs to be hydrated from time to time for it to retain its glow. Wash your face once in the morning and once at night before going to bed so that you have given it its much needed hydration.

3. Sunscreen before make up 
It is not just wrong to think that you need sunscreen for your skin only during summers, it’s a BLUNDER. Sunscreen not only protects you from the harsh rays of the sun but also, protects you from rays of the computer, damage that pollution causes and most importantly helps keep your make up intact for longer. We now have a lot of sunscreens in the market which also serve as a makeup base and saves you the effort of applying a coat of makeup separately. Try the new Lakmé 9to5 Super Sunscreen that also serves as the perfect make up base.

4. Moisturize Well
Your skin needs to be moisturized regularly for it to get that much-desired natural glow over time. Moisturizing your skin with a crème before you hit the sack is a good routine to follow. While you sleep, the crème helps your skin get that splash of hydration, making it softer and more even toned for it to retain its radiance. Try the new Perfect Radiance serum and crème by Lakmé to boost your skin’s moisture.

5. Happy girls are the prettiest
When you do things that make you happy, it shows on your face. A happy mind results in a happy body and happy skin.

So stay happy and stay radiant!

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