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Loreal Paris UV perfect Aqua Essence SPF 30 PA+++ Review

Loreal Paris UV perfect Aqua Essence SPF 30 PA+++ Review
Hello Beauties,
Loreal has launched this UV perfect Aqua Essence SPF 30 sunscreen recently. I got this a month back for review. Because, I was busy with personal works and travelling I couldn’t review this product earlier. It is very difficult to find a perfect sunscreen for oily acne prone skin, well I have such skin type and also sensitive too. During summer I use to experiment with sunscreens to find a perfect one. Let us see about this sunscreen in detail…

About the Protect:
Best sunscreens for dry to normal skin
Loreal Paris UV perfect Aqua Essence SPF 30 PA+++ Review
Loreal Paris UV perfect Aqua Essence
Price 475 RS for 30ml
Shelf life 36 Months
Available at Loreal outlets, beauty shops and in online beauty stores.
Product Description:

What L'Oreal Says about this Product:
UV Rays and external aggressions are among the causes of skin aging, dullness and spots. The heat and humidity make your skin uncomfortable under UV rays leaving it sticky and shiny.
Now discover the 1st watery essence from L'Oreal Paris which offers a complete daily protection in a watery sensation.
UV Perfect Aqua Essence UV Protector SPF 30/PA+++
Our most complete UV shield 
Anti UV:
Formulated specifically for asian skin, the advanced Mexoryl XL Filter provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection for 12H
With Vitamin E which reinforces skin to fight against ingredient free radicals and slow down skin aging.
Enriched with Adenosine,a renowned anti-aging ingredient which helps to strengthen premature skin aging.

My Experience with Loreal Paris UV perfect Aqua Essence:
Loreal Paris UV perfect Aqua Essence comes in a handy sturdy plastic package with screw open lid, it is travel friendly.

Colour, Smell and Texture:
The colour of the Loreal Paris UV perfect Aqua Essence is white and smells very pleasant, the texture looks like a water based lotion.

My Take:
It is a light weight sunscreen and doesn't make my oily skin greasy. I use to sweats a lot during summer especially after applying sunscreens. But, after applying this sunscreen my face sweats lesser than usual. I love the light weight texture if this sunscreen and it is easily absorbed on the skin. I use to apply sunscreen even inside the home during summer. I used this sunscreen in both outdoor and indoor. When I wear it inside the home, I didn't feel greasy or oily feel much. It never gave white cast or patchy look like some sunscreens. 

But when I wear it for outdoor purpose it does make my skin little oily (you must know about Chennai’s hot weather), I am sure there is no creams can keep my face fresh during summer.  So, I can’t blame this sunscreen alone for the oily feel. But I feel SPF 30+++ is not enough for summer and we need to reapply it again, there is no problem to reapply with this sunscreen. Still personally I prefer SPF 50+++ for summer.

This sunscreen protects the skin from tanning, I have noticed that my skin colour remains same after came out from outing. I don’t have visible dark spots or aging symptoms, so I couldn’t predict about those claims by this sunscreen. Overall this sunscreen is good for protect your skin from harsh sun’s UV rays.

My Likes with Loreal Paris UV perfect Aqua Essence:
  1. Travel friendly.
  2. Light texture, easily absorbed on the skin.
  3. Reduce sweat.
  4. Keeps skin hydrated and good makeup base.
  5. Suitable for all skin type.
  6. Prevents skin from tanning and has SPF 30+++
  7. Good for anti-aging and dark spot reduction.
My Dislikes with Loreal Paris UV perfect Aqua Essence:
  1. Might be pricey for daily use.
  2. It will be better if they improve the SPF more than 30+++
  3. Oily skin may feel bit oily when you are under the sun. (I feel this happens with all sunscreens).

Final Verdict:
Loreal Paris UV perfect Aqua Essence is a good sunscreen which is really works on prevents and reducing tanning because of sun. It is best suitable for normal, dry to combination skin types, still oily skin can use it by applying a pressed powder to patch up the oiliness. Do check about this product here

Hope My Review is helpful for you all…
Thanks for Reading…
With Love Radha…

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  12. I wanna try it.. sounds cool.. nice review dear :)

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